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TGN gives the preferred name of this city as "Bolzano". Any reason not to move it? --Evan 09:18, 14 December 2006 (EST)

Some reasons why it would be better to not change:
  • "Bolzano" is a redirected name, any people who knows the city as "Bolzano" can simply find it
  • If the name will be changed this talk will be a place of fight like in that of Wikipedia
  • Both are official names
  • gives the Italian names of all South Tyrolean places just because they are in Italy but the majority of the population is German-speaking

Strudl 21:22, 3 January 2007 (EST)

Wikipedia also uses Bolzano, and quite frankly, in Italy you'd expect to find the Italian name first. I'd also suggest moving it. Jpatokal 21:57, 3 January 2007 (EST)
Well, the article about Åland (Ahvenanmaa) uses Swedish names but in Finland you'd expect to find the Finnish name first, the article about Greenland uses Greenlandic names but in Denmark (officialy) you'd expect to find the Danish name first, the majority of Kosovo's places use Albanian names but in Serbia you'd expect to find Serbian name first. Then, which is the correct language for Swiss or Belgian places? German is an official language of South Tyrol, and in South Tyrol like in Åland you COULD EXPECT to find also a German (in Åland: Swedish) name. There is a redirect from Bolzano and the article begins with "Bolzano". Which is the problem? In Valle d'Aosta, a region of Italy, only French names are official: would you expect to find Italian names here too? Strudl 08:24, 4 January 2007 (EST)
The only criterion on Wikitravel is most common name. Alone in Finland, Åland is unilingually Swedish (Finnish is not an official language there!) and is much better known by that name (3.1m hits on Google vs 711,000, and that's despite the funny accent). Bolzano, on the other hand, whups Bozen by 17.2m hits vs 5.2m. And if the article begins with name X, then than name X should also be the title... Jpatokal 10:45, 4 January 2007 (EST)
I resume in the following points:
  • Bolzano 17.2m hits vs Bozen 5.2m - Bolzano is also the name of an important matematician who results in the Bolzano list
  • You said before that in Italy you'd expect to find the Italian name first and not that the criterion is the most common name.
  • Bolzano is most common because foreign countries use the Italian name thinking that Bozen is a foreign name and that the city is absolutely Italian. This is what could happen in Åland if Finnish would be a minority official language like Italian in South Tyrol: this region in that state = the official language of the state
  • If you look on Google "Brunico" is for example more common than "Bruneck" (1.15m vs 0.85m hits) but the high majority of the population of that town is German-speaking. South Tyrol has two official languages, three regional languages with Ladin.
  • The English page of the official website of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol [1] writes (down) Official site of the Autonomous Province of Bozen - South Tyrol

  • The article Valle d'Aosta begins with "Aosta Valley".
  • Närpes (Närpiö) is a Swedish monolingual municipality of bilingual Finland. In South Tyrol's Constitution is written that monolingualism is forbidden. An other example. I didn't find a Finland's bilingual town here on wikitravel but which method would you use? I think: Swedish name for mostly Swedish-speaking town - but if you see on Google the 90,2% Swedish-speaking Nykarleby is less common (0.49m vs 0.67m) than Uusikaarlepyy.
  • If you look the single town/city Bolzano is right but if you have to write about Bruneck you have to write Bruneck and not Brunico - unless it's more common in the Google-world.
  • I'm Italian mother-tongue.

Strudl 11:37, 4 January 2007 (EST)

My opinions are my opinions, but what matters is Wikitravel policy. =) If you agree that "Bolzano is most common", then that's really all there is to it, it's not our job to start debating what should be the most common name.
Bilingualism has been debated on Talk:Finland, and the conclusion was to use the majority language in each city/county, with the alternate in parentheses in the intro It's a simple, deterministic rule, and it seems to correspond fairly well with most commonness. Jpatokal 12:16, 4 January 2007 (EST)

Good. Well, we can do the same like in the Finland-related articles and the South Tyrol-related articles in the Wikipedia: the majority language in each city/district/city area. ;) Strudl 17:45, 4 January 2007 (EST)

Or better for South Tyrol majority/minority language (for example: Bolzano/Bozen, Bruneck/Brunico, etc.) with redirect from both the single names. Strudl 17:55, 4 January 2007 (EST)