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Are there two Bishnupurs?[edit]

There seems to be one in Manipur too [1] and it seems to contain some interesting places to visit too - like a national park. If so, we need to make a disambiguate it and make a disambiguation page for it. -- Ravikiran 02:08, 20 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Dear Ravikiran,

I do not know about any Bishnupur in Manipur. But your link [2] clearly shows that... there is one. So you can make a disambiguation page for it.

In West Bengal there is a town named Bishnupur which is famous for it's Silk, Terracota handicrafts and Historical monuments [3]. I have added that Bishnupur in West Bengal, which you have already noticed and modified. Soon I shall add more contents to Bishnupur of West Bengal.

I know about another Bishnupur in Andamans, but that place is not worth mentioning. Actually, there can be more Bishnupurs in India or abroad, because the vaishanbs (follwers of the Vaishnava sect) like to name their locality as 'Bishnupur'. Both Manipur and West Bengal have large population of vaishnavs. During partition in 1947 some of the vaishnavs of Bangladesh (then East Bengal or West Pakisthan) were forced to migrate to Andamans and they setteled there - named their locality 'Bishnupur', as usual.


Kaushik 06:17, 21 Sep 2005 (EDT)

That's interesting. I've Plunged forward and put in a disambiguation page --Ravikiran 03:41, 22 Sep 2005 (EDT)