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Question - Palo de Mayo Festival on Corn Islands[edit]

I am writing in the hopes that someone may be able to help me solve a mystery about the authorship of an historical document I found online.

The historical document is a scanned copy of a brief, and rather amateurish history of the Corn Islands. The article can be found at:

Page six of this article gives a clue as to who the author was. The clue comes in the context of the author's description of the "Maypole Festival" on Corn Islands. Among the longer text, the author writes:

"It was opened by [the President of Nicaragua] this year, with myself having the honour to be his partner. Probably it was the first time in history, that the British Ambassador and his wife have taken part."

Does anyone know -- or is able to find out -- what year the President of Nicaragua "opened" the Palo de Mayo celebration, while the British Ambassador (and his wife) "took part"?

Thanks very much for your help!