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This place could be one or perhaps 3 articles. I have not split it up yet because I think a lot could be said about the national park as just being an attraction in this article about a village. While the National Park here may be significant it may not warrant a separate article if the only reason to visit the Bialowieza area is to see the national park. Also the forest is relatively small, being measured in square metres, not square kilometres. Someone familiar with the area needs to give this article some thought. -- Huttite 20:40, 29 Dec 2005 (EST)


I removed:

Global-warming also severely threatens the delicate balance of this eco-system as winters become increasingly warmer....A switch by European nations to electric trains for transport, instead of polluting automobiles could help this problem.

because this partly speculation and mostly simplistic opinion. Automobiles probably use energy more efficiently than electric generating stations would, if distribution and storage losses are considered. This means a simple switch to electric transport would not solve the problem if the same raw material (fossil fuel) is used. A switch to more renewable energy fuels is called for. Reducing pollution from automobiles is complex but can be overcome by changing to biofuels (plant oils) - which recycle CO2, lower-carbon fuels such as methane (natural gas, biodigesters or even coal gas) which reduced CO2 emissions, or hydrogen (e.g. fuel cells) which emits water as a product of combustion. -- Huttite 20:40, 29 Dec 2005 (EST)