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Bethlehem is a famous place, so it should not be disambiguated or moved to another name.

The redirect Bethlehem (Israel) should not exist[edit]

What I was saying on the talk page for the redirect is that that the redirect page should not exist, becuase it's politically dumb, and just plain wrong. I want to more the redirect Bethlehem (Israel) to something more correct, like Bethlehem (Holy Land). This was done once before, but the thing keeps coming back.

You are absolutely right that the name of the actual article should be just plain Bethlehem I never meant to say anything different, but one way or the other the current redirect should cease to exist. OK? -- Mark 10:34, 19 Mar 2005 (EST)

Things keep coming back because that is the nature of a wiki. If you delete a page, you must also delete the talk page and edit all the references to both the page and the talk page and then change all the historical changes on all the previous versions of the pages that have wikilinks to the page you wish to purge AND stop a new user fom changing it back. Not quite impossible but you need to hack the original database about a bit... The alternative is to redirect the offending page to the best name, then protect the redirect so it can not be changed again. The name of the page will still exist but it will point to the desired page name. This is why deleting a page should be avoided most of the time. -- Huttite 17:01, 19 Mar 2005 (EST)