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Pratunam star discussion[edit]

Third district I nominate for Star status in Bangkok. Please let me know where it needs changes or additions in order for it to become a Star :) --globe-trotter 12:21, 20 June 2011 (EDT)

Almost. Some comments below. Just suggestions, and none of them are individually important enough to keep this fine article from receiving the star, --ClausHansen 14:39, 20 June 2011 (EDT)
  1. Intro, "It is another ...": appears unclear what it refers to
  2. Understand, "which is where the district got its name from": I would leave this out
  3. Understand: maybe there is a bit too much repetition in this section from other sections
  4. Map: why is eat no 3 in this article, as it from the map appears to be in another district?
  5. Listings: more Thai and transcription would be nice, if possible
  6. Rooftop bar: this listing might be a violation of the principle of only one listing each
  7. If possible, an intro to the see section would be nice
  8. Bangkok Dolls Museum: I would leave out the mentioning of winning a competition in 1978 in Poland
  9. Phaya Thai Palace: no need to mention opening hours twice
  10. Thai Labour Museum: I do not understand "Modern media are used to present the material, such as television, slides and computers"
  11. Buy: from the intro and Understand I would have expected more listings in the buy section
  12. If possible, an intro to the drink section would be nice
I have dedicated some time to fix the issues:
  1. Fixed.
  2. Fixed.
  3. I have taken some parts out that were duplicated. I hope its OK now, give it a re-read :)
  4. The reason for this is that a few streets here (the Ratchawithi sois) are best reached using the BTS to Victory Monument. I have adapted the map accordingly to add this area.
  5. I have added all the Thai names I could find.
  6. Hmm, good point. I have now merged both of them under the See section.
  7. There is almost nothing to See in Pratunam, that's why nothing was written there. I have now added a few sentences.
  8. Fixed. Although Poland is very highly regarded in the dolls world I've heard ;-)
  9. Fixed.
  10. Rephrased it.
  11. I understand what you mean. Before I used "Pratunam Market" to refer to the whole area, but I have now added some separate indoor malls that are located there (Pratunam Market now only refers to the outdoors market). Please re-read the Buy section, as I rewrote it extensively. I had to enlarge the map to fit the new icons on it, so please take another look at the map as well.
  12. Added a few sentences.
Alright, I hope it's better this way! --globe-trotter 22:27, 25 June 2011 (EDT)
Support, no furhter comments, --ClausHansen 01:33, 26 June 2011 (EDT)
  • Support. Excellent city district guide. I did a few little touch ups. --Burmesedays 02:07, 26 June 2011 (EDT)
Amazing. I go away for a week and when I get back there ar 4 new star nominations! Looks good at a glance, and I will try to go through it more carefully during the next week. Cheers, • • • Peter (Southwood) Talk 09:02, 26 June 2011 (EDT)

Result: Star.