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I removed the following stuff as I feel it is encyclopedic in nature and not really useful for the average traveller.texugo 04:50, 10 October 2011 (EDT)

Evangelical church

The majority of the church-going Christian residents of the town belong to the Evangelical Lutheran church. Within the borough there are two church parishes:

Fallingbostel parish: the Church of St. Dionysius with 5,598 parishioners (and the Peace Church (Friedenskirche) in Bommelsen (municipality of Bomlitz) with 625 members) Dorfmark parish: St. Martin's Church with 2,848 members They are served by three pastors. Both parishes belong to the church district of Walsrode in the diocese of Lüneburg, which is part of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Hanover.

Roman Catholic church

The Catholic Christians in Bad Fallingbostel belong to the Roman Catholic parish of St. Mary of the Holy Rosary (Sankt Maria vom heiligen Rosenkranz), which was first founded in August 2004. This brought together the hitherto independent Catholic parish of St. Mary in Bad Fallingbostel with the neighbouring parishes of St. Mary's Church in Walsrode and the Church of the Holy Spirit in Bomlitz-Benefeld as well as the Church of the Sacred Heart in Visselhövede. The parish lies in the church district of Verden in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hildesheim.