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See[edit][add listing]


  • castle (6 years old and up). Reconstructed medieval castle, currently there's an exhibition.
  • Gzichów Palace (6 years old and up). The palace is surrounded by garden, there's a museum with regional history and archeological exhibitions.
  • Mizrachi synagogoue (12 years old and up). Reconstructed Jewish prayer house. Visiting it is available after contacting Brama Cukermana Foundation only.
  • Golgotha of East Sanctuary (16 years old and up). Church located in Syberka district. There's an exhibition dedicated to Polish martyrdom.
  • Góra św. Doroty (7 years old and up). The high hill with the church on its top. There's no direct way here. You must leave your car on Chopin street and climb but the trail isn't much hard.
  • Las Grodziecki. (all ages) Forest area in Grodziec district


  • There're many parks in Czeladź as Grabek, Park Alfreda, Park Harcerski and Park Kosciuszki.


  • castle ruins (all ages). Ruins of medieval castle, residence of Kraków bishops.


  • castle ruins (all ages). Medieval Kraków bishops' castle ruins.
  • regional museum (all ages). Museum dedicated to local history and folklore.
  • Burki district. (16 years old and up). District with ghost villages Piernikarka and Ryszka
  • Gładzik Forest (17 years old and up). Place famous by tragic battle of anti-Nazi resistance troop with German Nazi army.

Będzin Region[edit]

  • Dobieszowice (8 years old and more). There's an old manor house and interwar period bunkers.
  • Góra Siewierska (6 years old and more). The highest point in the region, great view point also popular with paragliders.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Teatr Dzieci Zagłębia in Będzin offers wide choice of children spectacles, all are in Polish. (all ages)
  • Będzin Culture house (branches in center and Grodziec district) organises different live concerts and other events. (14 years old and up)
  • There's a water playground in Ksawera, Będzin. (from 1 to 10 years old)
  • Kopalnia Kultury is a culture spot in Czeladź. They're organising different cultural events (14 years old and up)
  • There're public beaches on Przeczyce Lake (Tuliszów and Boguchwałowice) and Rogoźnik lake. (all ages)
  • You can rent a kayak in Sławków and try Biała Przemsza river water trails (16 years old and up)
  • Rest on Pogoria IV lake in Wojkowice Kościelne. The beach is called Copacabana by locals. Remeber that swimming here is forbidden. (13 years old and up)
  • Wander Szlak Świerklaniecki from Będzin to Miasteczko Śląskie and admire its main attraction (16 years old and up)