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"which is still being built for about 30 years" sounds funny in English. Do you mean "which is still being built after 30 years" or "which has been being built for about 30 years"? -phma 19:32, 26 Mar 2004 (EST)

This is a durn interesting city if you ask me... but if we have Black Rock City guess we sure as heck can have Auroville. Anyone want to take a stab and cleaning up the text? Majnoona 15:57, 5 Apr 2004 (EDT)

"On Saturdays and Sundays there are lots of Indian tourists that come to see t"he Matrimandir, by no way go to see it on these days (better not to see it at all, you'll be standing in line for 30-40 min and will be able to look at the inner chamber for about 20 sec)""

I think this line is offensive . Auroville is in India ...and you'd naturally expect Indian Tourists there . I think you should change the usage here ..just mention that it is crowded on weekends and leave it at that. vinayak716:40 , 11 August 2005 ( PST)

Well it took a year, but I think I've addressed these concerns... Cacahuate 11:04, 15 January 2007 (EST)