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Changes made - Astana airport code hasn't been updated, (TSE) and still refers to one of the older names for this city. The taxi cost to/from the airport is more like $15 from my experience (1750-2500 tenge) Last time I visited, the Baiterek Tower was supposed to be 97 metres tall, deliberately chosen as 1997 was an important year re. Almaty losing out to Astana in being Kazakhstan's capital. Also of note within the tower is the collection of signatures from leaders of most major world religions, in line with the Pres.'s wishes to be an enabler of cross-religion discussions. Atameken Map of Kazakhstan - during the summer months at least, there are normally English speaking guides available (optional obviously), should you wish to learn a little about the models, and there is a covered section which focuses on the city of Astana itself. Taking photos sometimes requires an extra payment to be made - you may want to keep cameras in your bag until you pass out of sight of the front ticket office. Also added info in the Buy, Eat and Drink sections.

Changes NOT made - Think the tag for the photo ( ) may need double checking. I live over here, and don't know the Russian/Kazakh name for that area, but unless it directly translates as 'main square', it is a little misleading. There are probably a couple of contenders for the the title of main square in Astana, such as the one opposite Congress Hall.

Chris Merriman ( [email protected] ) 07/02/08

Thanks for the notes, but please plunge forward and amend them directly -- it's not "someone else's info", it's your and everybody else's page as well! Jpatokal 00:28, 7 February 2008 (EST)

I've amended the page directly now, thanks. Left notes above to show what was changed. Have NOT amended the photo's tag, as I don't know for certain what that area is actually called. Feel use any other interesting info found in the Kazakhstan 101 section of my blog (see domain name of my e-mail address, not adding a proper hyperlink as I don't want to be seen as advertising/directly soliciting visits). Chris Merriman ( [email protected] ) 07/02/08

I did change the photo caption. I agree that main square would make most people think of Congress Hall. That's the Left Bank in the photo, Ministry of Transport. KZBlog 00:46, 5 August 2010 (EDT)