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External link removed[edit]

The following external links were removed because they are a secondary source. These may be useful for contributors. -- Huttite 06:59, 25 Nov 2005 (EST)

The Legendary Donut Normale[edit]

We had a little paragraph under Eat that said:

You simply must try the Donut Normale. This is a highly specialized regional dish. At first glance, the Anglophone traveler may assume that due to the linguistic similarity to the English "normal doughnut", that they are the same food. This assumption would be totally incorrect and will definitely mark you as an ethnocentric tourist. The history of this fine food goes back to the era of Charlemagne and his foundation of Andorra as a March (protectorate) or barrier county against the Muslims of Spain. The recipe of the Donut Normale is a closely guarded state secret. Beware of the Andorran bordor patrol as they have been known to conduct full body cavity searches to make sure this cultural treasure is not smuggled into neighboring Spain or France. The best place to experience the Donut Normale is at one of the many (actually there are only 2) truck stops along the main Andorran road (their only road really).

There is only one other mention of the world-famous Donut Normale on the Web [1], and it is equally vague. My suspicion is that this is an amusing crock, and I'd like to see some more information before it returns to the Andorra page. --Evan 21:56, 31 Jan 2006 (EST)


"there are daily coach services from the airports in Barcelona and Barcelona in Spain and Toulouse in France to Andorra." I suspect the twofold mentioning of Barcelona was a mistake. Which is the other Spanish airport? LLeida? Girona?

Gas prices[edit]

10 euros for a LITER of gasoline? I find that hard to believe....


If the writer meant the type that we Brits call "petrol", then that's a mistake. Currently unleaded is about 1 euro a litre, diesel a bit under 90 euro cents. That's about 30% cheaper than neighbouring France, which is why there are often queues of French registered cars at the service stations near the border.

Ski Resorts[edit]

This section could be moved down from the top area as it could expand a bit more. It should come after the basic information about Andorra except that it followed naturally from the list of towns since these areas are totally geared around the ski industry.

The Map[edit]

The outline map either needs to be updated with some additional towns and villages like La Massana, Arinsal, Pal, Pas de la Casa and Ordino or else a new map ought to be found and replace the existing one.


I have visited Andorra in Jan 2008. During my stay there, I have met quite few people who were able to speak English. Actually, almost no one, excluding hotel stuff, spoke English! I guess this worth mentioning. Current statement ("widely spoken") is an overestimation.

this is distressing as I was planning a trip there. You say they have extremely limited English skills.... but your own comment proves that you do not possess them yourself, so how can I judge weather you are correct or not? 12:05, 28 August 2008 (EDT)
The previous comment does not state that people in Andorra have limited English ability; it indicates that most people do not speak English here. You don't need perfect professional competence in a language to judge that. Whether you should base your travel plans upon anecdotal evidence is a different question. --Peter Talk 21:20, 28 August 2008 (EDT)