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This is a great travelogue. It'll have to be adapted somewhat to match the standard article format, but what it most needs now are some concrete facts to back it up - where is Almaty, how do you get there? etc. KJ 21:18, 17 Sep 2003 (PDT)

I agree. Please take a look at Goals and non-goals and Slippery_slopes as well as the City article template to get a feel for city guides. If you'd like to hear about other sites that are looking for more travelogue-style articles, let me know and I can send you soem links. Thanks. Majnoona

This page has been untouched for a long time. I have looked at how to edit it but, short of deleting it and starting again, it is difficult to kno where to start. I know nothing about this place in Kazakhstan, so am reluctant to do anything to what is a dead-end page. - Huttite 22:59, 9 Apr 2004 (EDT)


I'm moving some comments from the page to this page. Most of this is worth incorporating, but it's hard enough with the original travelogue. I'm going to try to dig some content out of the page and try to get it working, and then work this stuff back in. --Evan 14:45, 20 Apr 2004 (EDT)

Thank you for your opinion about our city and welcome to Almaty But few more details 1. Spelling - SCHYM-BU-LAK it means - 2. Generally - "Five finger" -is slang phrase which used non native persons right is "Kazak Et" - Kazakh Meat 3. This travel guide says about only formal ordinary plases in the city But also you can go to mountain lake (3500 m) In one side of city there are other lakes around Almaty with mountain environments On other side you can visit desert park with canyon no gigantic like in Colorado but on second place Also petroglifs and waterfalls

And weather not so cold and hot and much more

For Some Information about Almaty pls look this links

I'll to try send information for yours interest =))

Marat [email protected]


I moved the Almaty travelogue to Talk:Almaty/Travelogue, as a reference for making a real page. --Evan 14:48, 20 Apr 2004 (EDT)

I've tried to mine the travelogue for as much info as possible; another set of eyes might be able to dig out more nuggets. --Evan 15:21, 20 Apr 2004 (EDT)

Problems leaving by air[edit]

In May 2003, I left with a tour group (cancelled trip into China due to SARS) via the airport, based in an old administration building. Apparently, the international airport one had been burnt down. You MUST arrive several hours, say three, in advance of flight due to chaotic conditions and slow processing.. Also, my English travelling companion was hooked out of line at random and taken into the immigration office for a shakedown. He came out...shaking. I was asked to show my US$ and put them on the desk when my passport was stamped. I made sure I picked it ($50) up again when I moved on. Maybe things have changed, I hope so. Speak to local expats or friendly travel agents for advice if you have to leave by air.

Things have changed! Davidbstanley 05:39, 6 September 2007 (EDT)

English Speaking restaurants[edit]

This info has been deleted from wikipedia. This is probably the place for it. Sorry I'm not adding it.


Makataev street, 139. Corner of Kozhamkulov str. Tel: +7 (727) 2334200

TEMUJIN ASIAN RESTAURANT: Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese, European cuisines.

Dostyk ave. 63. Corner of: Shevchenko str. Tel: +7 (727) 2538000

KOREAN HOUSE: Korean Restaurant

Gogol street, 2. Corner of Baribaev str. Tel: +7 (727) 2939692

BEIRUT RESTAURANT: Lebanese Restaurant

Dostyk ave. 50. Corner of Kurmangazy str. Tel: +7(727) 2938191


Dostyk ave. 43. Corner of Kabanbai Batyr str. Tel: +7(727) 2952543


Abilai Khan ave, 39. Corner of Mametova str. Tel: +7(727) 2710836

BORGO ANTICO: Italian Restaurant (elite)

Iskendirov street, 6/11. Corner of Zharkentskaya str. Tel: +7(727) 2935151

PIROSMANI: Georgian Restaurant

Abilai Khan ave, 32. Corner of Mametova str. Tel: +7(727) 2392525

BEIJING RESTAURANT: Chinese Restaurant

Zenkov street, 52. Corner of Bogenbai Batyr str. Tel: +7(727) 2930041, 2543107



Gogol street, 87. Corner of Panfilov str. Tel: +7(727) 2733873


Dostyk ave. 87. Corner of Abai ave. Tel: +7(727)2640995


Tole Bi street, 81. Corner of Seyfullin str. Tel: +7(727) 2927161

COFFEE HOUSES There are many coffee houses in the city where you can taste desserts with coffee, tea varieties. There you can also find hot dishes. Every of them have good, quiet, atmosphere. They offer wireless internet if you have your laptop computer with you.


Seyfullin street, 481. Corner of Mametova str. Tel:+7(727) 2996699


Kabanbay Batyr street, 79. Corner of Tulebaev str. Tel:+7(727) 2726409

BLACK & BROWN 1- Samal Microdistrict, 78. Tel:+7(727) 2726409 2- Seyfullin street, 502. Corner KabanbayBatyr str. Tel:+7(727) 2704411


Shevchenko street, 18. Corner of Dostyk ave. Tel:+7(727) 2916692




Dostyk ave. 109. corner of Klockov str. Tel: +7(727) 2531345

Hotel Kazakhstan, Dostyk ave. 52 Tel:+7(727) 2910101



Bogenbai Batyr street, 102. Corner of Dostyk ave. Tel:+7(727) 2912932

Dostyk Ave. 71. Corner of Kurmangazy str. Tel:+7(727) 2915585, 2938774

DI WANG Cantonese Restaurant & Lounge Bar


Zhambul street, 75. Corner of Tchaikovsky str. Tel:+7(727) 2723810

Kunaev street, 64. Corner of Zhibek Zholy ave. Tel:+7(727) 2733665



Satpaev street, 11. Corner of Furmanov str. Tel:+7(727) 2641699

Tole Bi street, 12. Corner of Zenkov str. Tel:+7(727) 2912856


ESPERANZA: Discotheque, Coffee House, Restaurant, Striptease Night Club Complex, Seyfullin street, 481. Corner of Mametova str. Tel:+7(727) 2996699

5 OBOROTOV NIGHT CLUB Kabanbay Batyr street, 320. Corner of Rozybakiyev str. Tel:+7(727) 2699813 FASHION BAR Masanchi street, 61. Corner Kabanbay Batyr str. GSM:+7 701 6256161

GRAND OPERA NIGHT CLUB Bogenbai Batyr str. Corner of Shagabutdinov, Tel:+7(727) 2933560 DA FREAK Gogol str, 40. 28 Panfilov Park Tel: 2731337

METRO CLUB Billiards, carting, Bowling, Night Shows, Restaurant Satpaev street. Corner of Zhandosov str. Tel:+7(727) 2470700 MOST CLUB Billiards, Lounge Bar, Bowling, Discotheque, Restaurant Seifullin Street, Below Raimbek Ave. Tel:+7(727) 2330457

NIGHT CLUB “GAS” Shevchenko street, 100. cCorner of Seyfullin ave. Tel:+7(727) 2727474 OPHIUM BAR Auezov street, Corner of Bogenbai Batyr str.


The new myth of two stamps from a border not requiring you to register in local migration office is blunt lie. I had two stamps in September 2014 and still was prevented from leaving the country,kept on a border for 5 hours !? Spare yourself headache and REGISTER YOUR MIGRATION CARD IN LOCAL POLICE UPON ARRIVAL~!