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I tried to divide Aegean Turkey into (somewhat arbitrary, but sensible from a travelling point of view) sub-regions, to keep the cities list on this article tidier. Here is a short summary on where is where:

  • Central Aegean – a circle with a radius of about 100 km centred in Izmir. Everything between Foça in the north, Manisa (or somewhere nearby lying further east) in the east, Kuşadası in the south, Çeşme in the west
  • Northern Aegean – everywhere north of Dikili up to the Marmara (region) border.
  • Southern Aegean – everywhere south of Kuşadası. Doesn’t include Kuşadası, however (it’s in Central Aegean).

Both Northern and Southern Aegean are common names in daily speech by the way.

Opinions on borders, names, etc are always welcome. – Vidimian 13:37, 21 March 2009 (EDT)