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A mere unannotated list is useless — please pick some good ones and give addresses, prices, descriptions, etc. Jpatokal 09:47, 5 July 2006 (EDT)

List of all the reasonable restaurants in Addis Ababa: Acropolis Restaurant, Addis Ababa Golf Club, Addis Ababa Restaurant, Addis Gojjo, Addis Live, Addis Sports Cafeteria, African Queens, Agelgil Restaurant, Ajanta Indian Restaurant, Al Baraka, Al Mendi, Aladdin Restaurant, Alliance Ethio-Française, Ararat Club, Arcobaleno’s Restaurant, Assfaw Wossen Hotel, Balderas Hotel, Bilo’s Pastry Shop, Blue Tops, Bole Mini, Bombay Brasserie, Bon Année, Bravo Bravo, Buffet de la Gare, Café Dolce, Canapé International, Castellis, China Bar & Restaurant, Chocolate City, City Café & Pastry, Connection, Crown Hotel, Don Vito, Dashen Hotel Restaurant, Elfign (in Top View), Enrico Pastry, Enesra Traditional Bar & Restaurant, Enset Restaurant, Ezana National Restaurant (Ibex Hotel), Family Restaurant, Fantasy, Fasika National Restaurant, Finfine Restaurant, Flamingo Bar & Restaurant Garden Court Restaurant, German Restaurant, Ghion Café, Gourrmet Restaurant, Greek Club, Gursha Restaurant, Habasha Restaurant, Hamlet Steak House, Hilton Addis Ababa (The Pizzeria, Jacaranda, Kaffa House, Gazebo, the Bakery, Sunday Champaign Brunch), Hong Kong Restaurant, Ibex Lailibela Restaurant, IL Caminetto, Il Pinguino Gelateria, Jewel of India, Kaffa House, Kaldi’s, Karamara National Food, Kokeb Restaurant, La Brasserie, La Cupola, La Parisienne, Lazoreea Restaurant, Le Jardin, Le Notre, London Café, Loti Restaurant, Loza Mariam Bakery, Mai Thai, Makush Gallery, Mmm… My Flavour, Moka Harer, New York New York, Oasis Restaurant, Pasta House, Peacock Bar and Restaurant, Pizza Deli Roma, Pizza Globen, Pizzeria Italia, Pizzeria Romana, Purple Café, Rainbow Seoul (Korean Barbeque), Rico’s Bar & Restaurant, Roby's, Rodeo Bar & Restaurant, Saay Pastry, Sandwich City, Samet, Sangam’s, Serenade, Shanghai, Shangri La Restaurant & Bar, Shaunzee Fries & Grill, Sheraton Addis (Temptations, Summerfields, Les Arcades, Breezes, Shaheen, Stagioni, Baywatch/Breezes, Fountain Court, Stanley’s), Skyline Restaurant, Tadesse Bayu, The Cottage, The Olive, The Village, Tik Tak Fast Food, Tomoka, Top View, Tukul Café, The Tun Tavern, Village Café, Yod Abyssinia Culture, and Zebra Grill



Ethio Mayer Café

Please try Ethio Mayer. Previously known as Sol – Kid café. It is located in Piazza. Good pastry, good beverages, and good customer service!!


Stay safe section[edit]

Regarding the following statement: "…Once you show your passport at the airport, you are free to move around pretty much anywhere…" This is mostly true. In 2004 I rode a minibus from Nazareth (Adama) to Addis, in the late evening after the regular buses stopped running. The police stopped us when we reached the outskirts of Addis and all the male passengers had to get out of the vehicle. I assume they were checking for contraband or weapons, and was told this only happened at night. I honestly don't remember if they checked my passport, though. There was no questioning. The men got out, the police/soldiers looked inside, we got back in and that was it (except by that point it had started to rain). This was not a big deal, but at the same time I don't think it's entirely accurate to say that one may freely go anywhere. In any event, it is generally advised that you make this sort of trip during daylight hours. -- Gyrofrog (talk) 16:13, 29 May 2007 (EDT)


Regarding this statement: "Addis Ababa is also one of the best and biggest shopping cities in Africa with 12-15 shoppingcenters in the centre of Addis Ababa.". This simply can't be true. At most there are about 8 supermarkets and about one shopping centre.

Please plunge forward and make the changes as you deem appropriate! --Peter Talk 13:53, 5 February 2009 (EST)

Phone numbers are out of date hould be +251 11 XXX XXXX as of 17 Sep 2005[edit]

The article appears to be full of out of date phone numbers from pre 2006 when the city changed from a 6 digit number to a 7 digit number. Number should be +251 11 XXX XXXX. However most are +251 11 XXXXXX. If the phone numbers are 4 years+ out of date I assume all the listings content is out of date as well.felix 05:15, 4 December 2010 (EST)