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Magic place[edit]

Good to see that some updates are happening on Accra. I spend 10 days here about 12 years ago. Stayed at the Labadi Beach Hotel (no idea what it cost, company paid). Probably the most friendly people anywhere in the world, from the taxi drivers at the airport to the people on the streets downtown. Spotless white beaches. Damn hot though, 32C when I got off the plane at 4AM; but the local beer is good and does an excellent job at cooling one down. I was supposed to stay for only 7 days, but enjoyed it so much that I happened to miss my flight out to Keyna. US$10 got me a taxi for the day and Ghana Air in downtown Accra has me sorted out with a new flight within an hour. Brilliant place, I'd go back any day. NJR_ZA 14:49, 22 January 2007 (EST)


Okay...I lived in accra for more than 10 months and I have an issue with the comments about tro tros. I rode around on tro tros all the time, almost every day for 10 months. In that period, I had but 1 accident, in which there were no injuries. It is true that people die on tro tros, people also die in cars and taxis and other vehicles. Mostly the danger is long distance routes at night...thats when accidents occur. In accra, tro tro fatalities are rare. Most tro tro mates don't try to rip you off, if only because other ghanaians in the bus will get angry if they do.... This was my impression but lets open this up to debate to uncover toe truth about tro tros.

Wrongful Pronunciation[edit]

Accra has a population of 2,291,352 (in 2012). The local language is Ga but Twi (pron. 'ch-wee'), Ewe (pron. ayvay) Hausa, and English are also widely spoken. Accra has rich western looking buildings and dusty shanty towns.

Ewe (pron. ayvay) this line is very wrong, usually the Twi speaking people in Ghana mispronounce it this way. The correct sound is not fully available in English and other Ghana languages.