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Do we need separate articles for Abu Dhabi the city and Abu Dhabi the emirate? Jpatokal 21:58, 21 May 2005 (EDT) Yes, there were lack of real Chinese food in the town, and some Chinese food and even Chinese restaurant claimed were just old style and usually not made by Chinese chef. But today the situation has dramatically changed. several authentic and contemporary Chinese restaurant can be found out in the town and they are run by Chinese and chefs are all from China. But please be noted that Chinese food now has a very large variation.

Hate to tell you this but it is illegal to share a confined space with a woman who is not a blood relative or your wife. The Adamski bit is true - a friend of mine was made to dance on hot coals before the Royal Family whilst this song, a smash hit in the UAE, was played. She was not amused.

seasonal differences[edit]

Could someone comment on the best season of the year to visit? 1) Seasonally, is there a hotter/colder time, a rainy time, etc. 2) Seasonally, is there a time when there are more/less tourists, more/less construction, etc. 3) Seasonally, is there a high/low travel season, for example do airline tickets and tourism cost more in January or in June, etc.

Hi! I could try to help you a little bit.
1) I was there in May- June and it was hot and no rain. Temperatures around 40°C daytime, 30°C night. In August it's getting even hotter. The cooler time is in December-February. Hope it helps. IBAlex 14:56, 30 November 2012 (EST)