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What is the currant population of Aberdeen ages between 16-24 year old males? - (An Anonymous User)

What does the age group population matter to a traveler? If you want to get this information you should probably go visit the website for the National Statistical Office for the United Kingdom. But, be warned, you first need to define what you mean by:
  1. Aberdeen - What area are we talking about? The urban area or the area administered by the local authority?
  2. Current Population - Do you mean as at today? or the last Census? and do you mean ordinarily resident, or on census day? Will an estimate do? or do you need exact numbers? And what about internal migration corrections for people who shifted after the last census?
  3. Ages between 16-24 years old - Does this include or exclude 16 year olds or 24 year olds? On what day are they this age? And how do you account for aging of the agegroup cohort between the last census and today?
As you can see the answer is not that simple. -- Huttite 04:32, 13 Jan 2006 (EST)

From what I see as I walk around, the number is in the high millions. Martin Leng 17:00, 30 April 2006 (EDT) There are no 16-24 year old currants in Aberdeen except for a packet sitting on the shelf in my Auntie's larder in Northfield. In any event its nae possible tae tell if they're male or female and they're no for sale..

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