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Taman Ayun at Mengwi

Tabanan is a town in Central Bali.


Tabanan is the capital town of the regency of Bali with the same name. Parts of Tabanan regency lie in Central Bali and other parts would be more often regarded as part of West Bali. For the purposes of this guide the Tabanan area will be classified in Central Bali, as that is where the key areas of interest to visitors are located.

The coastal areas in the south were previously not well known by visitors due to a lack of infrastructure, but these have been lightly developed in recent years, and there are now some high profile accommodation options there. Tabanan is though more usually associated by visitors with rolling green landscapes, hills and especially the imposing Mount Batukaru, Bali's second highest peak at 2,276 metres.

The town of Mengwi has a long and rich history associated with its royal family, and the best modern day manifestation of this is the splendid temple complex at Taman Ayun.

Get in[edit]

The main coastal road from Denpasar to West Bali passes right by Tabanan, and access from the main tourist centres in South Bali is straightforward. Most visitors to the Tabanan area arrive with their own transport. The town is served by bemos departing from Ubung bemo terminal in Denpasar. These arrive on the northern outskirts of town at Pesiapan terminal.

Get around[edit]

There are a lot a bemos available in the town of Tabanan, and some of these will be useful in getting you to interesting sights in the region. Taxis and private vehicles for hire are thin on the ground here though. Most visitors arrive with a car and driver, in their own hired vehicle or by motorbike, and get around the region in that way.

So who was Ngurah Rai?
You have seen his name. Of course you have. The airport is named after him. But just who was he?

The Balinese effort in the Indonesian fight for independence from the Dutch after World World War II was led by a feisty young officer called Gusti Ngurah Rai. The most famous battle of this campaign resulted in his death along with 96 of his soldiers in a ritual puputan (fight to the death) in the village of Marga.

This heroic act (and every Balinese individual who died in the independence struggle) is commemorated in the Margarana Memorial Park. This very pleasant park is open daily from 8AM and exhibits many statues, houses a graveyard for the war-dead and has a shrine to Ngurah Rai which includes his photograph. Marga is about 15 minutes north from Mengwi and all Balinese drivers will know how to find it. Few tourists make it here but it is worth the effort.

See[edit][add listing]

There are numerous smallroads and unmade tracks that lead from the coast road south of Tabanan to the waterfront. The beaches here are all black sand. The most well known of them, and one with some good accomodation options, is Yeh Gangga. This is well signposted from the main coast about 2.5km past Tabanan, heading west. Be warned though that much of this west coast shoreline is unsafe for swimming.

  • Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu Kupu Bali), Jalan Batukaru, Banjar Sandan lebah, Wanasari vilage, Tabanan (5 km north of Tabanan town centre on the road to Mount Batukaru), +62 361 814282, [1]. 8AM-4PM daily. A small but well maintained centre for research and education into butterflies with some very spectacular species on show. Who doesn't like butterflies? Best to visit in the early and mid morning when the butterflies are at their most active. Rp 60,000.  edit
  • Pura Luhur Batukaru (Batukaru Temple), near Wongayagede village. One of Bali's key directional temples and a site of pilgrimage for Hindu Balinese. Majestically situated on the slopes of Mount Batukaru since the 11th century, this is an especially sacred site, even by Balinese standards and all visitors must carefully read and abide by the temple rules posted clearly at the entrance. The temple is high on the slopes of the mountain and the often misty, drizzly micro-climate here just adds to its undoubtedly mystical atmosphere.  edit
Taman Ayun at Mengwi
  • Pura Taman Ayun (Mengwi Water Temple), (2 km west of Mengwi on the road to Abiansemal). daily 8AM-6PM. This very pleasing temple was built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi as his family temple. The terraced courtyards of the temple are set in very well maintained grounds, surrounded by man-made waterways and entered over a bridge. The whole site is UNESCO classified and it holds to its standards. Guides with many world languages are available. Mengwi is about 8km east from the town of Tabanan. Rp 10,000 domestic, Rp 20,000 foreign visitors (Sep. 2017).  edit
  • Sangeh Monkey Forest (Bukit Sari), Sangeh (Sangeh village is on the small road that leads from Abiansemal to Petang, just to the north east of Pura Taman Ayun). The macaques here act as guardians of Puri Buki Sari (Bukit Sari Temple). Legend has it that these monkeys are descendents of the army assembled by the monkey king Hanuman and that the forest here is a fragment of Mount Meru that fell to earth. The temple was built in the 17th century. The monkeys here are as bold as elsewhere in Bali so hang on to your belongings. Sangeh combines well with a vist to Pura Taman Ayun. Tourist can buy Durian for cheaper price (around Rp 5,000-10,000) each. Domestic and International tourist may have a different rates. Rp 6,000.  edit
  • Subak Museum (Mandila Mathika Subak), Jl Raya Kediri, Sanggulan village (2 km east of Tabanan town centre), +62 361 810315. 7AM-4PM daily. This museum is dedicated to the famed subak system of unmechanised irrigation which has been in use in Bali since AD 600. Domestic and International Tourist may have a different rates Rp 5,000.  edit
  • Alas Kedaton.  edit
  • Tanah Lot Temple (pura tanah lot), jalan raya tanah lot, [2]. Tanah Lot is one of the important directional temples in Bali. The temple is located on a rock just offshore. It is said to be the work of revered 15th century Hindu priest Nirartha and forms an important element of Balinese spirtualism and mythology.  edit
  • Jati Luwih Rice Terrace, Address: Jalan Jatiluwih Kangin No. 2, Desa Jatiluwih, Penebel, Kabupaten Tabanan, [3]. Jatiluwih is a village which has a vast expanse of rice fields area with a panoramic view of terraced rice fields, beautiful situated in the District of Penebel, Tabanan Bali. Jatiluwih village is famous as a tourist spot with beautiful rice terraces that still use traditional Balinese irrigation system, located conveniently close to the mountains Batukaru with air condition fairly cool. IDR 10.000/Person.  edit
  • Taman Pujaan Bangsa Margarana (Margarana Memorial Park).  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

A drive of the scenic mountain road from Antosari to Pupuan is highly recommended. Take the main coast road west from Tabanan for about 12 km until you reach Antosari. From there turn north (right) off the coast road. The next 30 kilometres is very scenic indeed as you pass through several small villages to reach Sanda and then onwards to Pupuan. Throughout this drive Mount Batukaru rises majestically to the east and areas to the west are largely unpopulated all the way across to West Bali National Park. Lots of excellent photo opportunities along this route. You can continue on past Pupuan to the north coast at Seririt, or turn southwest to return to the south coast road at the village of Pekutatan close to Medewi Beach.

The famous surfing beaches at Balian and Medewi are less than one hour west from Tabanan.

Climb Mount Batukaru[edit]

This is a very different experience to Bali's other major climb up Mount Agung. Unlike Agung, Batukaru is a long extinct volcano and it is forested to the peak. There is none of the desolate, barren beauty of Mount Agung. It is though an interesting climb through some areas of dense primary forest and despite its relatively minor elevation (2,276 m), one which should only be undertaken by the physically fit.

Weather conditions are a critical factor in any climb here. Batukaru is a damp place and it rains for much of the year. This is probably the wettest place in Bali. Do not even think about a climb of Batukaru in the wet season (mid-October to late March), or when rain is forecast. The paths become running streams very quickly here. July and August are the best months.

There are 3 main ascent routes all of which converge at the same point at Munduk Nyanggang. The start usually depends on where you are staying: Wongayagede, Sarinbuana or Sanda. The Sanda route is the toughest and longest (6 to 7 hours to the top), and the Sarinbuana route the easiest. From the point of convergence at Munduk Nyanggang, the peak is another 2 to 3 hours of tough climbing depending on your level of fitness and the prevailing weather conditions.

A bonafide guide should always be used and can be arranged through your local hotel or employed directly at Pura Luhur Batukaru. Expect to pay anywhere between Rp 800,000 and 1,000,000 for a good experienced guide for a day return trek. 800,000 to 1,000,000 Rupiah is a 'harga bule bodoh' or 'stupid white man's price', in other words, grossly excessive. That amounts to $80 to $100 per day, or $480 to $600 for a typical 6 day Indonesian working week. This is the kind of salary a doctor or successful lawyer would earn in Indonesia, and is obviously well above the market rate for a hiking guide who in one sense is an 'unskilled worker', no matter how experienced and capable. All of the local guides also offer less arduous treks in the local area, including the ascent to Munduk Nyanggang only.

Camping is allowed on the mountain, although there are some restrictions close to Pura Luhur Batukaru during important ceremonies. For enthusiastic outdoors types, there is ample scope here to camp out on the mountain for one or more nights and really explore the area. Ask a guide for some ideas.

There is no food or water (some stream and spring water is OK, but be careful) for sale on the mountain, so bring in enough with you. Due to its sacred nature, no beef or beef products are permitted on the mountain and all visitors must respect this.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Tabanan itself is a very commercial town and does not have shopping aimed at visitors.

At any of the main tourist attractions you will find the usual souvenir stalls.

On the drive from Antosari to Pupuan there are several coffee plantations and processors who offer the chance to purchase freshly roasted beans.

Eat[edit][add listing]

All hotels and resorts have their own restaurants attached.

In Tabanan town there are numerous decent local restaurants and a night market.

  • Warung Tepi Sawah, Banjar Suradadi, Belimbing Village, Pupuan, +6285237770779, [4].  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Those visitors who especially enjoy mountain views should stop for an afternoon break and perhaps a cup of coffee on the scenic drive from Antosari to Pupuan.

The beach resorts at Yeh Gangga are a great spot to enjoy a sunset cocktail.

  • Warung Tepi Sawah, Banjar Suradadi, Belimbing Village, +6285237770779, [5]. It is surrounded by Rice terraces Views. We serve grilled fish, Grilled Chicken, etc  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Bali Eco Stay, Kanciana Village (southern slopes of Batukaru, north Tabanan), "62 (), [6]. Stunning mountain setting where the rice paddies meet the jungle and you can still see the sea. Genuine boutique style eco resort with only 4 guest bungalows, restaurant serving organic food grown on site, massage hut, waterfall and a mountain fed stream freshwater swimming pool. Relax, join in village activities, trek or ride a mountain bike down to the ocean. $US85-210.  edit
  • Bali Prana Resort, WongayaGede village, +62 361 736654, [7]. Ten traditional bungalows in a beautiful rural setting on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Strong sustainability and eco emphasis here. From US$55.  edit
  • Sahaja Sawah Villa Retreat and Spa, Banjar Kelecung Kaja, Desa Tegal Mengkeb, Kecamatan Selemadeg Timur, +62 361 874 7489, [8]. All rooms are equipped with high speed internet connection, air conditioning, in-house movies, LCD/plasma TV with cable channels, kitchenette, balcony/lanai/terrace and refrigerator. Some of its facilities and services are infinity pool, resort Shop, library, café Bar, in-villa dining, room service and spa. Rates start at 143.65 USD.  edit
  • Bali Homestay Program (Bali Homestay), Br. Ngis Kelod, Jegu, Penebel, Tabanan (about 10 km north of Tabanan town), +62 817 0671788 (), [9]. This unusual and locally ground-breaking accommodation option involves being placed with a local family in rural villages about 10km north of Tabanan. You will get involved in every aspect of daily life in a Balinese village. Also a strong emphasis on environmental matters. 3Days / 2 nights package US$165/person, 4 days / 3 nights night package US$175 / person.  edit
  • Bali Wisata Bungalows, Yeh Gangga beach, +62 361 7443561 (), [10]. Beachfront cottages, some with private kitchens attached. Large seawater swimming pool. Rp 200,000-450,000.  edit
  • Cempaka Belimbing Villas, Br. Suradadi, Belimbing, Pupuan, +62 361 7451178 (), [11]. Ten villas in a beautiful area in the shadow of Mount Batukaru. They take environmental considerations very seriously, and are winners of the Green Paradise Award. US$70-195.  edit
  • Puri Taman Sari, Dusun Umabian, Desa Peken, Kecamatan Marga (5 km north of Taman Ayun), +62 361 288096 (), [12]. This charming traditional style homestay is owned by the Mengwi royal family and gives visitors a real opportunity to experience the life stay of an authentic Balinese high caste family. Guests are encouraged to become involved in the daily routines of making offerings, cooking, prayers, dance and music rehearsals etc. The six guest rooms are offered for nightly rental and are very comfortable indeed. From US$55.  edit
  • Sanda Boutique Villas, Sanda Village (on the western slopes of Batukaru reached from the main road from Antosari to Pupuan), +62 828 3720055 (), [13]. A villa resort in the mountains that attempts to create the atmosphere of a colonial plantation house. Grow their own produce and offer a full range of Mount Batukaru-based outdoor activities. From US$99.  edit
  • Sarinbuana Eco-Lodge, Banjar Biahan, +62 361 7435198 (), [14]. An award wining Eco Lodge Internationally recognised for its genuine commitment to environmental conservation. 4 unique bungalows in a truly spectacular setting on the slopes of Mount Batukaru at Biahan close to Sarinbuana. There is a huge emphasis on sustainability and other eco-practices here. A great base for exploring the untamed natural beauty of this mountainous region and the Batukaru Rainforest. 3-7 hour Treks can be arranged, Mountain biking and community workshops. From Rp 1,200,000.  edit.
  • Waka Gangga, Yeh Gangga beach, [15]. Tasteful luxury hotel right on the black sand beach at Yeh Gangga. Individual cottages. Has top notch in-house spa and restaurant. From US$230.  edit
  • Yeh Panas Hot Spring Spa Hotel, Penatahan village (close to Wongayagede), +62 361 262356 (). Set in 2 hectares of lush green grounds surrounded by terraced rice paddies. Bathing in the hot springs is a key attraction of staying here. The resort also offers a full range of Mount Batukaru-based activities. From US$ 45.  edit
  • Villa Maya Retreat (Villa Maya), Cepaka Village, Tabanan, +62 361 737 498, [16]. As its name suggests, Villa Maya Retreat is the perfect place to slow down and escape the frantic pace of everyday life. Resting on the banks of the Penet River, that flows through the pretty village of Cepaka in the heart of Bali’s ‘rice bowl’, this six-bedroom villa has been designed to soothe your body, mind and soul. From US$ 395.  edit
  • Homestay Jero Harum, Jl Yeh Gangga (close to Yeh Gangga Beach), +628762279274. Room with hot water, AC, free Wi-Fi, minibar and TV. 250.000 rp.  edit
  • Bali Silent Retreat, Penatahan (See website), [17]. Meditation, Prayer, and Restful Contemplation – in Silence: Fed by rice fields, the Holy Mountain-Batu Karu and a sweet flowing river, the Bali Silent Retreat is located on 4 hectars at the end of a small road near Mongan Village. It holds space for people who desire silence, peace, and spiritual connection. Accommodation is decent yet simple, the retreat is off the grid which means solar power and spring water are essential energy sources. All food served is organic and much of it is sourced from their own vegetable gardens. Activities include yoga, meditation, jungle walks. $15. ($90,) edit
  • Bali Mountain Retreat (Bali Mountain Retreat center), Br Biyahan, Sarinbuana, Tabanan, +6208283602645, [18]. checkin: 1pm; checkout: 12noon. Nestled high on the eastern slopes of Mount Batukaru in Central Bali is Bali Mountain Paradise ! Being situated in this traditional area, Bali Mountain Retreat’s guests are given a unique experience with the local Balinese people and their culture.You will welcome the refreshing and revitalizing mountain air, clean spring fed water and panoramic views to the coast of Bali. Enjoy walking through the terraced rice fields or into the forest to a sacred Hindu temple. Stroll to the local village past the cacao and coffee plantations or simply relax, unwind and take in the natural beauty of the landscape."> USD30 -100. (8N 23' 29.4066,115W 4' 41.4546) edit
  • Bali Lush - a unique farm stay experience, Manik Yang village on the lower southern slopes of Mount Batu Karu, +6285857320834 (), [19]. US$.  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Heading westwards, the quiet surfing village at Medewi Beach is less than one hour from Tabanan while the ferry port at Gilimanuk can be reached in two hours.
  • The north coast can best be reached via the scenic Antosari-Pupuan-Seririt road.
  • Another way to reach the north coast is by driving north from Mengwi and taking the eastwards cut across from Wongayagede. You will drive through Jatiluwih and Bedugul from where the north coast at Singaraja is less than a one hour's drive. You can visit the Pura Luhur Batukaru temple near Mount Batukaru and the area around Jataluwih has spectacular rice fields nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Bedugul has a fruit market, a botanic garden and the picturesque Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple.

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