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Szlak Pustynny

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Szlak Pustynny

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Szlak Pustynny (Desert Trail) is a trail starting in district of Błędów and ending in village of Ryczów. It gained its name after Błędowska Desert which the trail crosses. The trails is marked in yellow.


The trail is not much hard to take.


The trial doesn't require any special preparation, just take first aid kit anti-insect repellants and long sleeve clothes as much of parts of the trail leads through forest areas.


The trail starts on Żołnierska street in Błędów

  • Błędów- Błędowska Desert- Klucze - Jaroszowiec- Golczowice - Ryczów
  • total time: about 5 h
  • kilometers: about 25 km

The trail can be also took by bike.

Stay Safe[edit]

The biggest hazards on the path are ticks and wild bores. The best way to protect against them is wearing long sleeve clothes and use anti-insect repellants. You can buy it in pharmacies or supermarkets. If you notice a tick on your body, call the doctor!. Wold boars're much more common in morning/evening time. If you see a one, keep calm.


Places on Błędów desert as Klucze or Chechło have many shops. So the best way is to buy goods there.

Useful links[edit]

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