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Szlak Husarii Polskiej

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Szlak Husarii Polskiej

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Szlak Husarii Polskiej (Polish Winged Hussars' Trail) is a trail starting in Będzin and crossing places as Piekary Śląskie, Tarnowskie Góry or Racibórz. It gained its name after winged hussars- Polish modern times cavalry with characteristic wings. Some of its parts are common with Szlak Świerklaniecki or Via Regia. It's marked in red.


Things you need're first aid kit, comfortable clothes and long sleeve clothes if you cross forest areas.


Day one:

  • Będzin- Dorotka Hill- Bytom- Piekary Śląskie- Tarnowskie Góry-Gliwice

total time: about 9-10 h

Day two

  • Gliwice-Rudy-Racibórz

total time: 9 h

Day three

  • Racibórz-Krzanowice

total time: about 3 h

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Orange Tree hostel, Modrzejowska 27.  edit Hostel in the city center, rooms with free WiFi
  • Sportowa Dolina, Sportowa 4 A.  edit Accommodation in the center, in sport center
  • Siedlisko, Podzamcze 51.  edit Guest rooms near castle.
  • Apartamenty Nova, Modrzejowska 65.  edit Apartment in city center
  • hostel Będzin Centrum, Bema 4 A.  edit Hostel in city center, shared bathrooms
  • hostel Społem, Sączewskiego.  edit Hostel located in city center, private and shared bathrooms, restaurant nearby
  • hostel Będzin, Promyka 5.  edit Hostel located in district of Warpie, game room, garden, bar


  • Apartamenty Bednarska, Bednarska 2 A.  edit Apartments in the city center
  • Guest Rooms, Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego 2A.  edit Guest rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Guest Rooms, Błogosławionego Czesława 3/3.  edit Guest rooms in old tenement house in the city center
  • Ślązaczek Youth Hostel (SSM Ślązaczek), Krakusa 16.  edit Youth hostel near the city center
  • Gniazdo, Wróblewskiego 26.  edit Guest rooms in the city center
  • hostel Gliwice, Siemińskiego 22/1.  edit Hostel in the city center.
  • hostel Kwadrans, Zwycięstwa 36.  edit Hostel in the city center
  • hostel Argentum, Sowińskiego 5.  edit Hostel in the city center


  • Gościniec Iza, Bosacka 28.  edit Guestohouse in the town center
  • OSiR.  edit Sport center offers different kinds of accommodation Guest rooms Dom Sportowca and Arena Rafako and Obora Camping on Markowicka street with bungalows and tent pitching places.
  • Kaktus Chill & Sleeping, Różana 4 A.  edit Object in town center, bar, free WiFi, terrace

Stay Safe[edit]

In general places on the trail're safe. Some district can be a poorer one. Single tourists're advised to stay cautious while crossing them. If you come to Będzin (especially by train or bus) after dusk always take a taxi. The trail doesn't cross much of forested areas. If you cross them, always wear long sleeve clothes to protect against ticks. If you see a one on your skin, call the doctor. Wild boars're not much big hazard on the trail and vipers're rather rare there.

Useful Information[edit]

  • Trails' description with map and photos (in Polish) : [1]
  • Trail's description with photos (in Polish) : [2]