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Szlak Świerklaniecki

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Szlak Świerklaniecki

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This article is an itinerary.

Szlak Świerklaniecki (Świerklaniec Trail). is a trail starting in Będzin 's district of Grodziec and ends in Maisteczko Śląskie town. The path gained its name after Świerklaniec , place famous by its palace. The trial crosses city of Będzin as well as some smaller Będzin Region villages as Rogoźnik or Strzyżowice.. The trail crosses such famous landmarks as postindustrial Grodziec landscapes, Góra Dorotka, Góra Szybowcowa, lakes in Rogoźnik, Nakło-Chechło and Kozłowa Góra as well as Świerklaniec palace. The trail is marked in blue.


The trail is very easy to reach and doesn't require climbing and even intermediate and beginner hikers can take it.


The most useful things on the path're: -sportwear (including shoes) -liquid water (very useful in hot and sunny weather) - high proteine food f.ex. bars -first aid kit


The trail starts in Kwiatowa street in district of Grodziec and follows such locations:

  • Grodziec-Strzyżowice-Rogoźnik-Wymysłów-Świerklaniec-Nakło Chechło lake-Miasteczko Śląskie
  • total time: about 5 h
  • kilomters: about 29 km

You can also take the trail by bike.

Stay Safe[edit]

Most of the trail crosses small villages which are very safe. Grodziec is said to be less safe and poor district, try to stay cautious while crossing it. People're very kind and hospitable to hikers. They use to say "Dzień Dobry!" (Good Day) to them.


There're a small shop in almost every village so buying useful goods won't be a problem. Foreign language knowledge is not much common in villages (especially among older people) so using Polish Phrasebook will be useful.

Get out[edit]

The best way to reach Będzin from Miasteczko Śląskie is taking a bus to Świerklaniec and then to Będzin. If you use this trail for Częstochowa pilgrimage, there're direct train and bus connections between Miasteczko Śląskie and Częstochowa.

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