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Summer Weekend in Newport

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Summer Weekend in Newport

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This article is an itinerary.

Summer Weekend In Newport is in Newport (Rhode Island)


This itinerary gives you options for a weekend with the family in Newport (Rhode Island). There are many different things for tourist to do with children while in Newport. From shopping, sightseeing, museums and many different activities. This a place where all ages can enjoy their stay. Feel free to substitute different recommendations with the places listed in the Newport (Rhode Island) wiki and take a look at the transportation information offered in it as well.


When preparing for Newport you should consider packing for the summer weather!

  • Attire: As far as attire you should consider packing shorts and short sleeve shirts for the daytime. If you plan on swimming pack a bathing suit or a couple bathing suits too. Newport is also surrounded by water you might want to pack a sweatshirt for the night time because it can get a bit cool. If you plan on visiting a nice restaurant it wouldn’t hurt to bring out your nicer clothes as well.
  • Footwear: For footwear it would be smart to bring your most comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking.
  • Accessories: Be sure to bring an umbrella with you because Newport is not exactly invincible to rain. It would also be a great time to break out your sunglasses because the summer is the sun’s favorite season.

Get in[edit]

Newport is located in the heart of New England and can easily be reached by car, air, train, bus, or boat. t is very accessible for all major public transportation hubs. For specifics click on the following link. [1]

Where To Stay[edit]

Newport has many places to stay including inns and hotels but the ones that most people look to first are The Newport Mariott [2], Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina [3], Hotel Viking [4], and The Hyatt Regency [5] because they are the closest to the downtown area.

Day 1[edit]

To start your day off right you always need a nice breakfast so a local breakfast joint that everybody enjoys is Ocean Coffee Roasters: Jonathan’s Cafe, which is located at 22 Washington Squre in Newport. Ocean Coffee Roasters is right next to the downtown area so if you're staying close to the downtown area it is within comfortable walking distance. If not you can always call one of the local cab companies or catch one of the RIPTA buses to the Gateway Center (where the visitor's center is located) and walk from there. ETA walking from the Gateway Center is about 5 minutes. After you eat breakfast you can make your way over to the Gateway Center once again and take the trolley to Bellevue Avenue where all of the mansions are. It can take more than one day to see them all so on day one you should look to go to maybe two or three mansions. You can find the list of the mansions on the official website [6]. After you're done seeing the mansions you can go to lunch in the area or make your way back to the downtown area. In the area there is a Newport Creamery, which is an inexpensive restaurant that has great food. After lunch taking you could possibly take a stroll down near the beach if the weather is nice and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach and maybe walk along Cliff Walk, which is about 3.5 miles long (but there is an exit halfway through). For dinner you can catch the trolley back to the Gateway Center and find a nice restaurant like the Brick Alley Pub or White Horse Tavern because it is right there. That will conclude Day 1!

Day 2[edit]

Once again we will start your day off right with the most important meal of the day! This time you should look to try something different unless you were so satisfied with Jonathan’s Café that you just had to have it again. Another breakfast restaurant that is fairly new is called The Hungry Monkey which is located at 124 Broadway in Newport. Broadway is close to the downtown area as well so it is within walking distance. After breakfast you should take the trolley back up to Bellevue Avenue except this time visit the historical Tennis Hall of Fame [7]. It is very beautiful and even if you do not like tennis it’s just something cool to take a look at. After you visit the Tennis Hall of Fame take a walk down and take a look at the Touro Synagogue located at 85 Touro Street and visit this very historical place as well. It is amazing to know that there is so much history in Newport! After you take a look at these couple places take some time and go get some lunch. Down the street is the downtown area, which has your restaurants (choose due to your preference in food) or even up to the broadway area there are some great local places such as Sapo: Freaky Burrito and Ben’s Chili Dogs. Let your lunch settle then take a trip over to Fort Adams [8] to brush up on more history and see this wonderful structure. After your look at Fort Adams go back on over to the downtown area and grab some dinner at one of the restaurants. If you are looking to have a drink then visit one of the bars on the Thames Street strip and have a few drinks before your night comes to an end. That will conclude day 2!

Day 3[edit]

Day 3 is a more relaxed day so we will start off with breakfast at a local diner called Bishop’s 4th Street Diner located on 184 Admiral Kalbfus Road. This diner is away from all of the downtown madness and you might need either a taxi or bus to get there but it will be worth it. After breakfast look to grab some sandwiches and beverages and go spend some time at the beach (any beach in the list of beaches on the Newport (Rhode Island) wiki). Have some fun, relax, swim etc. and just enjoy the sun. It’s always night to relax on your last day in town for a while because after all that is what a vacation is for. After a day at the beach make your way back to the downtown area and visit the souvenir shops to pick up some memoirs for your trip. There’s Souvenir Stop, Museum & Shop at Brick Market, and Newport Mansions Stores etc. so take a look and take your pick! After shopping on the strip enjoy your last day at a restaurant you haven’t dined in at yet or possibly catch the famous Newport Dinner Train for a great expirience. Enjoy the dinner and get back to your hotel room for quality time with family and friends before traveling back home.

Stay Safe[edit]

Newport is not known for how dangerous it is but remember that anything can happen. Travel in groups and stay in the main areas and away from the back streets which will help avoid any confrontation that you might encounter. Stay away from the downtown area late at night as well because the bars are open and very busy and drunk people are roaming the streets.

Get out[edit]

At the bottom of the page of this link you will find directions on how to get out of Newport. [9]