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Suðuroy (Suduroy means South Island) is the southernmost of the islands in the Faroe Islands.


Suðuroy - includes Suðuroy and Lítla Dímun, which is the smallest and only uninhabited island of the 18 islands.

Town and Villages[edit]

Other destinations[edit]


There are two Tourist Information Centres in Suðuroy, they provide information about Suðuroy and rent out houses for tourists. The Tourist Information Centres are situated in the two largest towns Tvøroyri and Vágur.

  • Tourist Information Centre in Tvøroyri, Tvørávegur 37, FO-800 Tvøroyri, Phone: +298 611080,, [email protected]
  • Tourist Information Centre in Vágur, Vágsvegur 30, FO-900 Vágur, Phone: +298 733090,, [email protected]


Get in[edit]

Smyril leaving Krambatangi ferry port between Øravík and Tvøroyri (Trongisvágur).

The public ferry Smyril M/S has 2-3 departures from Tórshavn to Suðuroy every day. The journey takes 2 hours. You can find information about the schedule and the price of the ticket here: Suðuroyarleiðin means "Suðuroy Route", which is Smyril. In 2011 the price is 90 DKK for an adult and 45 DKK for children. You pay only on your way back to Tórshavn. If you bring a car with you to Suðuroy the price is 225 DKK for the car incl. the driver, and also here you pay only between Suðuroy and Tórshavn, you don't pay on you way to Suduroy. It is the same for the other islands except for Mykines. You can find the time schedule for Smyril on Strandferðslan's website:

To go from the airport to Tórshavn, buses are available, which take one hour and stop in the port of Tórshavn.
The public helicopter has 2-3 weekly departures to Suðuroy from Tórshavn and Vágar Airport.

Get around[edit]

Porkeri, the church and the museum.
Sumba, the southernmost village of Suðuroy.

Public busses from Bygdaleiðir drive from the ferry port Krambatangi to the southern and to the northern part of the island. To Sumba in the south via Vágur (route 700), Hvalba and Sandvík in the north via Tvøroyri (route 701) and to Fámjin in the west, via Øravík (route 701). Time schedule is on the website:

Rent a car

  • ADI Auto Service, Sjógøta 79, FO-800 Tvøroyri, phone +298 222328. Description: ADI Auto Service has a few cars and pick-up's for hire. Two Skoda Sabia, one Ford Mondeo, one Daewoo, 2 pick-up's and one jeep in which you can drive up in the mountains. Price for one of the cars is 500 DKK for one day. If you hire the car for more than one day the price is 350 DKK pr. day. Free kilometer. (These information are from 2010, the cars and prices may change in time).
  • Magn petrol station in Trongisvagur, phone +298 371466.

You can also rent a car before you come to Suðuroy:

  • Avis in Tórshavn, Staravegur 1-3, FO-100 Tórshavn, phone: +298 313535, e-mail: [email protected], website:
  • Avis in Vágar Airport, phone: +298 358800 or 358801. Website:, e-mail: [email protected]

Taxi and buses in Suðuroy:

  • Phone: 373380 or 213380, Hjørleif Holm, Vágur. Taxi.
  • Phone: 227228, Annie Hentze, Trongisvágur. Taxi.
  • Phone: 222918, Jákup Lindenskov, Vágur. Taxi.
  • Phone: 506888, Kartni Fornagarð, Hvalba. Taxi for 6 persons and minibus for 16 persons.
  • Phone: 215210 or 250350, David Findleton, Taxi and minibuss.
  • Phone: 239550, Ludvig Poulsen Busses, Sumba/Vágur. Mini buss and buses.
  • Phone: 212324, Fámjins Bygdaleið, Arnbjørn í Smiðjuni, Fámjin. Two busses.
  • Phone: 222690, Trygvi Midjord, Minibuss taxi.
  • Phone: 226566, Mikkjal Pauli Johansen, Trongisvágur,buss
  • Phone: 282931, Poul Kjærbech, Hotel Tvøroyri, taxi and minibuss.

See[edit][add listing]

Beinisvørð, a 470 meter high sea cliff.
Akraberg, 2 km south east of Sumba
  • Church of Fámjin (Fámjins Kirkja), Fløguvegur 1, FO-870 Fámjin, +298 611080. The church of Fámjin was built in 1876. The first Faroese flag is placed on the wall of the church in Fámjin. This flag was made in 1919 by a young student from Fámjin Jens Oliver Lisberg and his friend Emil Joensen, while they were living in Copenhagen. Lisberg died a few years later. The flag is called Merkið and was recognized as the Faroese flag in 1940 by the British government, during the Second World war. The Faroe Islands were occupied by Great Britain while Denmark was occupied by Germany. The Faroese flag is celebrated every year on the 25th of April in Fámjin as well as in other villages and town around the country. You can contact the Tourist Information Centre in Tvøroyri, if you wish to visit the church in Fámjin.  edit

  • Art Gallery Oyggin (Gallarí Oyggin), Sjógøta 184, FO-800 Tvøroyri, +298 227938, [1]. Daily 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-19:00. Art Gallery Oyggin is a gallery with art works by Faroese and Nordic artists. There is a beautiful garden around the gallery. In the garden there are many sculptures, most of them are made by the owner of the gallery, Palle Julsgart. The gallery is open daily. DKK 20.  edit
  • Beinisvørð (Beinisvord), a 470 meter high sea cliff, one of the highest of Europe. The road (not the tunnel) between Lopra and Sumba passes by the cliff, around 50 meters from the edge.
  • Akraberg, a peninsula in the southernmost part of the island, 2 km south east of Sumba. There is a white lighthouse, built in 1909, on the cliff. Friesian people lived here before 1350.


Do[edit][add listing]

  • Rappelling in Hvalba (Síging á Norðbergseiði), Nordbergseidi (West of the village Hvalba), 237575, [2]. Every second Friday night between 20:00-21:00 in summertime and by appointment for groups at other hours (2010, this may change, more info on their website). More info on the website or on The rappelling is on a beautiful cliff, which is called Norðbergseiði. The sea cliff is located west of the village Hvalba. The price is for rappelling only (2010 prices). If a boat trip is included it will cost 100 DKK more (2010 prices). DKK 300.  edit

Hiking Trips[edit]

Lopra and Lopransfjørður
Øravík and Trongisvágsfjørður. Froðba is on the other side of the fjord.

Hiking trips are popular and can be recommended in Suðuroy. Be aware of fog and make preparations before you go. A mountain can end very sudden and without any warning sign. There are many cairns in Suðuroy, they were used in stead of roads in the old days. There are also guided hiking trips, which the Tourist Information or private persons arrange. Ask on one of the Tourist Information Centres, if you want to know when and where these guided trips are made. More info on the website:

Boat Trips[edit]

There are two fast going boats (RIB), which make boat trips along the west coast of Suðuroy or wherever you wish to go. If you are a group it is cheaper, if it is a planned trip the price is around DKK 350. The boats are called Tornado, website: and Scorpion, website:

The old English smack Johanna TG326 from Vágur sometimes makes boat trips for tourist and can also be hired for shorter or longer trips but with the regular crew to sail the vessel. Johanna was built in 1884 in Sussex, England. Website:

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Hotel Tvøroyri - Restaurant and Pizzeria, Miðbrekkan 5, 800 Tvøroyri, 371171. The restaurant is open at noon, from 12:00 - 13:30. They serve a warm meal "course of the day". In the evening the restaurant is open from 18:00 - 20:00. The Pizzeria is in the basement, it is open Friday and Saturday 17:30-22:30 and Sunday 18:00-21:30.  edit
  • Øravík Restaurant and Pizzeria (Gistingarhúsið við Á), Við Á 5, Øravík, 371302, [3]. The restaurant serves breakfast for the people who stay there, lunch is also mainly for the guests. In the evening the restaurant is open for everyone. The menu includes steaks, pizzas and burgers. The restaurant/hotel Øravík has licence to serve alcohol.  edit
  • Bakkin Restaurant and Pizzeria, Vágsvegur 69, 900 Vágur (In the center of Vágur), +298 373961, [4]. Restaurant Bakkin is situated on the Hotel Bakkin. The restaurant is normally open in the evening from 17-22 and sometimes also at noon for 1 hour (12-13). In the evening you can order fish and chips, pizza, steak etc.  edit
  • Café Art, Sjógøta 184, FO-800 Tvøroyri (Inside the Art Gallery Oyggin), +298 227938, [5]. 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-19:00. Café Art is a nice café inside the Art Gallery Oyggin in Tvøroyri. You can order coffee, bread with salmon or schrimps, soup, wine, beer,soft drinks etc.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Hotel Tvøroyri, Miðbrekkan 5, 800 Tvøroyri, 371171.  edit
  • Hotel Bakkin, Vágsvegur 69, 900 Vágur (In centre of town, near the sea), 373961 (, fax: 373962), [6].  edit
  • Hotel Øravík (Gistingarhúsið við Á), Øravíksvegur 7, 827 Øravík, 371302 (), [7].  edit


  • Guesthouse Virgin Cage (Gistingarhúsið Jómfrúbúrið), Miðbrekkan 12, 800 Tvøroyri, 577555 ().  edit
  • Guesthouse Undir Heygnum (Gistingarhúsið undir Heygnum), Undir Heygnum 32, 800 Tvøroyri (In the easten part of town, below the church.), 372046 (), [8].  edit
  • B&B's in Northern Suðuroy (Bed and Breakfast), Tvørávegur 37 (The Tourist Information Center), +298 611080, [9]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. You can rent a room from Bed and Breakfast in Tvøroyri, Trongisvágur and Hvalba, which are villages in the northern part of Suðuroy (Suduroy Island), from the Tourist Information Center in Tvøroyri. 300 DKK for Single, 450 DKK for Double (Prices 2011).  edit
  • B&B's in Southern Suðuroy (Bed and Breakfast), Vágsvegur 30, FO-900 Vágur (The Tourist Information Center), +298 733090, [10]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. You can rent a room from a Bed and Breakfast in the southern part of Suðuroy from the Tourist Information Center in Vágur, e-mail: [email protected] In 2011 there were B&B' in Vágur and Sumba. 300 DKK for Single Room, 450 for Double Room (Prices from 2011).  edit

Regional Festivals[edit]

Jóansøka is the biggest regional festival in Suðuroy. Jóansøka (Sct. John's Festival or Midsummer Festival) is held every year in the last weekend of June. Every second year Jóansøkan is held in Tvøroyri (odd years) and every second year in Vágur (even years). In 2011 the Jóansøka Festival is celebrated in Tvøroyri from 24 June to 26 June 2011. The rowing competitions are on Saturday 25 June 2011. There are sometimes other smaller village festivals in Suðuroy. In 2010 there was a village festival (bygdastevna) in Hvalba in the first weekend of May.

Stay safe[edit]

In case of emergency dial 112.

Be aware that sheep can be on the street, it can be difficult to spot them especially at night and if the sheep is black. The mountains on the west coast are very steep and suddenly they end and go strait down to the ocean, there are normally no warning signs, so take care! The edge can be a bit loose, don't go too near the edge. Like elsewhere in the Faroes fog can come quite suddenly, be aware of the fog, that you don't go over the edge somewhere. In some places the ocean can be dangerous, if you stand on the coast in certain places or in certain harbors.

Get out[edit]

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