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Sranan phrasebook

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Sranan phrasebook

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Sranantongo or Sranan is the mostly used language in Suriname. The only place you will not find it used might be in the government. For many years the Dutch suppressed Sranantongo, but now it has risen to become the most spoken language in Suriname. The language became very popular after a former military leader took over the government. With such an extreme population of immigrants, many do not speak Dutch or English here, everyone is expected to know Sranantongo. There is very little written online, but if you know English, it will not be hard to learn. Suriname is a very immigrant friendly country.

Many learn English from television and school also.

Don't plan on learning the language from television. Quite odd here, you will not be able to learn either Dutch or Sranan from TV here. The immigrant population is so high that Dutch and Sranan together only make up about 7% of all television. 40% is Hindi television, 30% is English television, and around 20 percent is Chinese television. This makes it even harder to learn Sranan or Dutch here.


Sranantongo goes by many other names. Sranantongo may be the most common, however, you will also find these descriptoins:

  • Sranan Tongo (the other form)
  • Nengre
  • Taki-Taki (but rude)
  • Surinaams
  • Sranang
  • Surinamese

Sranan phrasebook[edit]

Fa waka? – What's up? Literally: how's (your) walk ( FA-WA-KA)
Fa a e (ai) go? – How are you? Literally: how's (it) going? ( FAI-GO )
a e (ai) go! – it's going! (answer) ( I-GO )
Fa yu tan? – How are you? ( FA-YOU-TAN )
Ala sani bun? – (is) everything well? ( ALLA-SANNY-BOENG )
Mi lobi dati! – I love that! ( ME-LUBY-DATY )
Omeni gi wan? – How much is one? (What's the price?)
Mi e gwe! – I'm leaving
Mi e go na oso – I'm going home
Mi e go na winkri – I'm going to the store
Suma na yu? – Who are you? ( SUE-MA-NA-YOU )
Pe yu e go? – Where are you going? ( PAY-YOU-AH-GO )
Pe yu de? – Where are you? ( PAY-YOU-AH-DAY )
Omeni? – How much? ( O-MANY )
Yepi mi! – Help ( YEPY )
Pe disi presi? – Where's this place? ( PAY DEE-SEE PRACY)
Soot bus mi mus teki? – What bus must I take? ( SOOT BUS ME MUZ TAKY )
Skowtu! – Police! ( SCOW-TWO )
Pe de skoru de? – Where's the school? ( PAY-DAY-SCEW-RUW DAY )
Pe yu de wroko? – Where do you work? ( PAY-YOU-ROCK-O-GI )
Pe mi kan fini wroko? – Where can I find work? ( PAY-ME-KAN-FINY-ROCK-O )
Kantoro – Office


O lati? – How late? (or) What time is it? ( O-LATY )

The clock[edit]

negi uru – nine o-clock
tin uru – ten o-clock
elef uru – eleven o-clock
twarfu uru – twelve o-clock
wan uru – one o-clock
tu uru – two o-clock
dri uru – three o-clock
fo uru – four o-clock
fiebi uru – five o-clock
siksi uru – six o-clock
seibi uru – seven o-clock

Days of the week[edit]

Munde – Monday ( MOON-DAY )
Tudewroko – Tuesday ( TWO-DAY-ROCKO )
Dridewroko – Wednesday ( DREE-DAY-ROCKO )
Fodewroko – Thursday ( FOE-DAY-ROCKO )
Fride – ( FRAY-DAY )
Satra – ( SA-TRA )
Zonde – ( SUN-DAY )

Some useful expressions in Sranan[edit]

odi masra (misi) – good day mister (miss)
fa waka? – how are you?
fa yu tan? – how are you?
mi bun – I am fine
mi siki – I am ill
grantangi – thanks
mi o si – see you later
tan bun – stay well
disi na mi masra (uma) – this is my husband (wife)
mi wroko gi ... – I work for ...
mi komopo de ... – I come from ...
yu abi wan ... gi mi – do you have a ... for me?
yu sabi pe mi man feni ...? – do you know where I can find ...?
mi abi tu pikin – I have two children
mi manpikin abi seybi yari – my son is seven years old
mi umapikin tan na oso – my daughter stayed home
mi lobi ... – I like ...
a presi dati fara? – is that place far away?
omeni? – how much?

Numbers and pronouns[edit]

wan – one
tu – two
dri – three
fo – four
feyfi – five
siksi – six
seybi – seven
ayti – eight
neygi – nine
tin – ten
mi – I
yu – you
a – he, she, it
wi – we
unu – you (plural)
den – they


Sranan → English[edit]


a – he/she/it/his/hers/its
abi – have
aksi – ask
ala – all
arki – listen
ati – hart/hurt
ay – yes
ayti – eight
baka – back
bakra – european
bari – yell
bay – buy
bigi – big
boy – boy
brada – brother
buku – book
bun – good/well
dape – there
dati – that
datra – doctor
de – from/be (place)
den – they
dey – day
disi – this
doro – door
drape – there
dri – three
dyari – garden
dyaso – here
dyompo – jump
ede – head
ef – if
esde – yesterday
esi – soon
ete – yet
fa – how
fara – far
faya – fire
feni – find
fesi – in front/face
feyfi – five
fo – four
fosi – first
fos(i) tron – first time
foto – city
(fu)furu – steal
gado – god
gi – for/give
go – will (verb)
gowtu – gold
grantangi – thanks
ingi – indian
ini – in
masra – mister
k(a)ba – stop/already
kan – can (verb)
kari – call
kerki – church
kisi – get
komopo – come (from)
kon – come
kondre – country
koti – cut
koyri – go for a walk
krin – clean
krosi – clothes
langa – long
lasi – lose
libi – live/life
lobi – love/like


ma – but
makandra – each other
man – can (verb)
manpikin – son
mati – friend
mi – I/my
misi – miss/mrs.
moni – money
moro – more
mun – month
munde – monday
musu – have to
na – be/at
neti – night
neygi – nine
nofo – enough
noso – nose
noti – nothing
nyun – new
o – abbreviation of go
odi – good day
ogri – naughty
omeni – how much
ondro – under
oso – house/home
oten – when
oto – car
pe – where
pikin – child/small
pipel – people
presi – place
psa – ago
redi – red
sabi – know
safri – soft
san – what
sani – thing
satra – saturday
seri – sell
seybi – seven
si – see
siki – be ill
siksi – six
sisa – sister
skowtu – police
skribi – write
sma – people
sneysi – chinese
sonde – sunday
sroto – lock
srudati – soldier
sturu – chair
su – shoe
suma – who
tamara – tomorrow
tan – stay
tap – at
taygi – tell
teki – take
tide – today
tifi – teeth
tin – ten
tongo – language
tori – story
trafasi – different
trow – marry
tu – two
tumsi – too much
tyari – carry
uma – woman
un – your (plural)
unu – you (plural)
umapikin – daughter
waka – walk
wan – one/a
wani – want
wantron – immediately
wenkri – shop
weri – wear
wi – we/our
wiki – week
wroko – work
yari – year
yepi – help
yere – hear
yu – you (singular)/your (singular)
yuru – hour

English → Sranan[edit]


a – wan
ago – psa
all – ala
already – kaba
ask – aksi
at – tap
back – baka
be (place) – de
be ill – siki
be/at – na
big – bigi
book – buku
boy – boy
brother – brada
but – ma
buy – bay
call – kari
can (verb) – kan
can (verb) – man
car – oto
carry – tyari
chair – sturu
child – pikin
chinese – sneysi
church – kerki
city – foto
clean – krin
clothes – krosi
come – kon
come (from) – komopo
country – kondre
cut – koti
daughter – umapikin
day – dey
different – trafasi
doctor – datra
door – doro
each other – makandra
eight – ayti
enough – nofo
european – bakra
face – fesi
far – fara
find – feni
fire – faya
first – fosi
first time – fos(i) tron
five – feyfi
for – gi
four – fo
friend – mati
from – de
(in) front – fesi
garden – dyari
get – kisi
give – gi
go for a walk – koyri
god – gado
gold – gowtu
good – bun
good day – odi
hart – ati
have – abi
have to – musu
he – a
head – ede
hear – yere
help – yepi
here – dyaso
hers – a
his – a
home – oso
hour – yuru
house – oso
how – fa
how much – omeni
hurt – ati
i – mi
if – ef
immediately – wantron
in – ini
indian – ingi
it – a
its – a
jump – dyompo
know – sabi
language – tongo
listen – arki
live/life – libi
lock – sroto
long – langa
lose – lasi
love/like – lobi


marry – trow
miss – misi
mister – masra
monday – munde
money – moni
month – mun
more – moro
mrs. – misi
my – mi
naughty – ogri
new – nyun
night – neti
nine – neygi
nose – noso
nothing – noti
one – wan
our – wi
people – pipel
people – sma
place – presi
police – skowtu
red – redi
saturday – satra
see – si
sell – seri
seven – seybi
she – a
shoe – su
shop – wenkri
sister – sisa
six – siksi
small – pikin
soft – safri
soldier – srudati
son – manpikin
soon – esi
stay – tan
steal – (fu)furu
stop – kaba
story – tori
sunday – sonde
take – teki
teeth – tifi
tell – taygi
ten – tin
thanks – grantangi
that – dati
there – d(r)ape
they – den
thing – sani
this – disi
three – dri
today – tide
tomorrow – tamara
too much – tumsi
two – tu
under – ondro
walk – waka
want – wani
we – wi
wear – weri
week – wiki
well – bun
what – san
when – oten
where – pe
who – suma
will (verb) – go/o
woman – uma
work – wroko
write – skribi
year – yari
yell – bari
yes – ay
yesterday – esde
yet – ete
you (singular) – yu
you (plural) – unu
your (singular) – yu
your (plural) – un

More words[edit]


Amazon: Mason
American Indian: ingi, panari
Caribbean: Kribisi
Chinaman: snesi
Chinese: sneysi | snesi
Christmas: Bedaki
Creole: krioro
Curaçao: Korsow, Krusow
Dutch: bakratongo
Dutchman: bakra, patata | bakra
Dutch language: bakratongo
East: sonopo
Easter: Pasku
Englishman: Ingrisiman, Ingrisman
Europa: Bakrakondre | Bakrakondre
Europe: Bakrakondre
European: wetiman, yobo
France: Franskondre
Frenchman: Fransman, Musyu
French Guiana: Frans-sey, Kayana
Friday: freyda
German: Doysri | Doysri, Tudesku
God: Gado, Masragado
God's acre: beripe, berpe
Hebrew: dyu
Holland: Bakrakonde, Blanda, Patatakondre
Hollander: bakra, patata
Indian: ingi | ingi, panari
Indian corn: karu
Javan: yampaneysi, yapaneysi
Javanese: yampaneysi, yapaneysi | yampaneysi, yapaneysi
Jew: dyu | dyu
Lebanese: libanesi
Mister: mineri
Monday: mundey
Mr.: mineri
Mrs.: misi
Negro: blakaman, nengre
New Year: nyunyari
Red Indian: ingi
Sabbath: saba
Sassenach: Ingrisiman, Ingrisman
Saturday: sabadey, satra
Sunday: sonde
Surinam: Sranan, Sranankondre
Surinamer: Srananman
Surinamese: Sranan | Srananman | Sranan, Sranantongo
Surinamese language: Sranan, Sranantongo
Thursday: fode-wroko
Tuesday: tude-wroko
Wednesday: dride-wroko
West: sondongo
Yule: Bedaki


a: wan
abdomen: bere
aberration: fowtu
abet: asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi
abide: pina
about-face: kenki
abrade: skafu
abscess: posten
absolution: pardon
abstraction: fufuru
abuse: afrontu | afrontu | afrontu
accomodate: asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi
account: ede, leti | bribi
accredit: bribi
accrue: gro
accustomed: gwenti
acerbic: srapu | bita
acetous: swa
ache: pen
achieve: du, meki
acid: swa | swa
acquire: bay
acrobat: piyasiman
act: du, meki
action: feti
actor: komediman
actress: preymisi
acuity: notisi
addled: don
address: tanpresi
adieu: adyosi
ado: babari, wunyuwunyu
adore: anbegi
adult: bigisma
adversary: feyanti
advert: wakti
advertence: notisi
advertency: notisi
advocate: afkati
aeroplane: opolangi
affair: afersi
affection: lobi
affirmation: pramisi
affluent: gudu
afresh: agen, adyen, baka | agen, adyen, baka
again: agen, adyen, baka | agen, adyen, baka
agent: wrokosani
agitate: seki
agreeable: switi
ague: korsu
aid: bakaman, yepiman | asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi | bakaman, yepiman | asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi | asisteri, yepi
ailment: siki
air: loktu
aircraft: opolangi
airplane: opolangi
alas: eru
albino: bonkoro
alcohol: sopi
alcoholic: sopiman
ale: biri
alive: libilibi
all: ala, alamala, alasani
all over again: agen, adyen, baka
all the: ibri
almost: pikinso moro
already: kaba, wansi
also: tu
alter: kenki
alteration: kenki | kenki
although: ofskon
altogether: ala, alamala, alasani
always: alaten
ambition: ambisi
amusing: prisiri
an: wan
anaconda: aboma
anchor: ankra
and: èn, nanga
anew: agen, adyen, baka
animal: meti | meti
anonymous: sondronen, tyibrifasi | sondronen, tyibrifasi
another: tra, trawan
answer: piki
ant: mira
anus: bakasey
anvil: ambesi
anything: wansani
apart from: boyti
ape: keskesi, yapi
appeal to: kari
appellation: nen
appetite: apteyti
arc: bo
arm: anu
aroma: smeri
arouse: wiki
arrive: doro, kon
arrow: peyri
arse: bakasey
artery: brudutitey
as: leki | leki | bika, bikasi
ash: asisi
ask: aksi | begi
ask for: begi
ass: buriki
assemblage: komakandra, takmakandra
assist: asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi | asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi
assistant: bakaman, yepiman
assistent: bakaman, yepiman
as if: neleki, netleki
as though: neleki, netleki
attempt: proberi, tréy
attend: fisiti
attention: notisi
attic: sodro
at once: nownow, wante'wante
at present: now, noya
at the right time: biten
aubergine: bulansye
aunt: tanta
average: mindri
awaken: wiki
away: we
axe: aksi, beyri
back-door: bakadoro
back: baka
back of the neck: neki, bakaneki
bacon: speki
bad: kway, ogri
bag: saka | saka
baggage: bagasi
bairn: pikin
bake: baka
baker: bakri
bakery: bakr'oso
balcony: barkon
bamboo: bambu
banana: bakba
banner: fraga
baptize: dopu
bare: soso-skin, sososkin
bark: buba
barrel: bari
barrister-at-law: afkati
barrister: afkati
basement: kedre
basket: baksi, baskita
bastard: basra
bat: fremusu
baton: tiki
battle: feti
be: de
beach: sekanti
bean: bonki, pesi
bear: pina
beard: barba
beast: meti
beat: fon, naki
beautiful: moy
because: bika, bikasi
become: kon, tron | kon, tron
bed: bedi
bee: oni
beef: kawmeti
beer: biri
beetle: sege, asege | sege, asege
before: bifo, bifosi, fesi, fosi
beg: begi
begin: bigin | bigin
belief: kreyti
believe: bribi
belly: bere
below: ondro
belt: sinta
bend: beni, boktu
beneath: ondro
benefit: wini
bet: strey
betray: tori
better: betre, moro bun
bewitch: obya
be able: man
be able to: man | kan, man
be afraid of: frede
be alive: libi
be angry: ati bron, mandi
be asleep: sribi
be bold: prefuru
be called: nen
be hungry: firi angri
be in command: gi orda, komanderi
be possible: kan
be quiet: tantiri
be willing to: wani
bicycle: baysigri
bid: begi
big: bigi, grofu
bike: baysigri
bind: tay
bird: fowru
birthday: friyari
bishop: granleriman
bite: beti | beti
bitter: bita
black: blaka
blank: weti
bleak: kowru
blend: moksi
bless: bresi, seygi
blessing: bresi, gadogi, seygi
blind: breni | breniman
blood: brudu
bloom: bromki
blot: flaka, fraka
blow: bofta | bro | way
blunt: dede
blushing: redi
boa: daguwesneki | daguwesneki
boat: boto
body: skin
bold: fatu, deki
bone: bonyo
book: buku
boon: bresi, gadogi, seygi
boot: buta
booze: sopi
boozer: sopiman
border: lanki
bore: boro | boro | fruferi
borrow: leni | leni
boss: basi, edeman, masra, patron | masra | basi, edeman, masra, patron
both: alatu
bottle: batra
bough: taki
bouquet: boketi
boutique: wenkri
bovine: kaw
bovine animal: kaw
bow: bo
box: kisi | dosu
boy: boy | diniman
bracelet: buy | buy
braid: frekti
brain: ede tonton
branch: taki
brandy: apankra
bread: brede
bread and butter: botran
break: broko
breath: bro
breathe: bro
bride: trowmisi
bridge: broki
brief: syatu
brim: lanki
bring: tyari
brinjal: bulansye | bulansye
brink: lanki
broad: bradi
broom: sisibi
brother-in-law: swagri
brother: ba, brada
brown: broyn
brush: bosro | bosro
bucket: embre, emre
buffoon: payasi
build: bow | temre
build from wood: temre
bull: burukaw, mankaw
bullet: kugru
burden: lay, stow | ebi, frakti, lay
burdensome: ebi
bureau: kantoro
burial: beri
burn: bron
bury: beri
business: afersi
business deal: afersi
but: boyti | ma | toku
butcher: srakti | sraktiman
butcher's shop: srakti-oso, srakt'oso
butter: botro
butterfly: kaperka
button: knopu | knopu
buy: bay | bay | bay | bay | bay | bay
buyer: bayman
bye: adyosi
byname: nyunman-nen
by now: kaba, wansi
cabbage: koro
cabinet: kasi
cage: koy
call: kari
call on: fisiti
camping ground: kampu
camping site: kampu
canal: kanari
canary: kanari
candle: kandra
cane: tiki
captain: kapren | kapten, sipiman
capture: fanga
car: oto
card: karta
cardboard: karton
care: sorgu, span | sorgu
caress: kori | kori
carpenter: temreman
carry: tyari
cart: wagi
case: afersi
cassava: kasaba
cat: puspusi
catch: fanga
caterpillar: woron
celebration: boda, fesa
celery: supuwiwiri, supu'wiri
cellar: kedre
cement: sementi, smenti
cemetery: beripe, berpe
cent: sensi, koprosensi
chain: keti, ketin
chair: sturu
chairman: amrabasi
chamber: kamra
chance: okasi
change: kenki | kenki | kenki | kenki
channel: kanari
charge: ebi, frakti, lay
chariot: wagi
chase: onti
cheap: bunkopu | bunkopu
cheat: kasyo, kori, ley
cheese: kasi
chemist: apteykri
chemist's shop: apteyk
chest: kisi
chew: kaw
chief: basi, edeman, masra, patron | basi, edeman, masra, patron
chief of police: komsarsi
child: pikin | pikin
chilly: kowru
chin: kakumbe
chocolate: sukruskrati
choke: yokro
cholera: kolera
christen: dopu
chuck: kori | kori
church-building: gado-oso, kerki
church: gado-oso, kerki
cigar: sigara
cinder: asisi
cinema: kino
city: foto
clean: krin | krin
cleanse: krin
clergyman: domri
clever: koni
client: bayman
climb: kren
clock: oloysi
closet: kasi
clothes-press: kroskasi
clothes: krosi
clothing: krosi
clutch: grabu
coast: sekanti
cock: kaka
cockroach: kakalaka
coconut: kokronoto, kronto
coffee: kofi
cold: kowru
collect: dyunta
colour: kloru
comb: kan | kankan
come: kon
come about: kon, tron
come across: miti, tuka
come to an end: kaba
command: gi orda, komanderi
commence: bigin | bigin
compel: dwengi
competition: streywega
complete: furu
concern: sorgu
congratulate: fristeri
connect: tay
consider: luku, waki
construct: bow
contest: streywega
contract: kontrakti
conversion: kenki | kenki
cook: boriman, koki
copper: kopro
cord: titey
cork: korku
corkscrew: korkutreki
corn: karu
corpulent: fatu, deki
cost: kostu
cotton: katun
cougar: tigri, reditigri
cough: koso | bo'enbo'en, kosokoso
counsel: afkati
count: teri
country: kondre
courage: dek'ati
court: prasi
courtyard: prasi
cover: tapu | tapun
cow: kaw
crab: krabu
crayfish: krefti
crazy: law
cross: kroysi
crush: masi
cry: krey
cry out: bari
cucumber: komkomro
cultivate: kweki
culture: kulturu
cunning: koni
cup: kopki
cupboard: kasi
curl: gespi
curse: fruku
curtain: garden
curve: beni, boktu
cushion: kunsu
customary: gwenti
cycle: baysigri
daily: aladey
daily paper: koranti
dance: dansi, yanga | dansi
dare: prefuru
dark: dungru
daughter: umapikin
day: dey
dead: dede
deaf: dofu
debt: payman
deceive: kasyo, kori, ley
deem: bribi | luku, waki
deep: dipi
deer: diya
defecate: kaka, kunkun
den: nesi
descend: saka | saka
desire: winsi | winsi
devil: didibri, yosi
diamond: dyamanti
diarrhoea: lusbere, wrokobere
die: dede, kraperi
dike: dan
dim: dungru
diminutive: pikin
din: babari, wunyuwunyu
direct: leti
director: driktoro
dirty: doti, fisti, morsu
disease: siki
dispose of: seri
distant: fara
do: du, meki
doctor: datra
dog: dagu
doll: popki
dollar: dala
dolphin: profosu
donkey: buriki
door: doro
double: dobru | dobru
dove: doyfi
dozen: dusen
drag: ari
draw: ari
drawer: la
drawers: ondrobruku
dream: dren | dren
drill: boro
drink: dringi
droop: anga
drop: dropu | fadon | fala
drop of water: dropu
drug: dresi
drugstore: apteyk
drunk: drungu
drunkenness: drungu
dry: drey | nati | nati
dual: dobru
duck: doki, kwakwa
dung: kaka, kunkun
during: di
dwell: libi
dye: ferfi | kloru
dyspnea: wer'ati
dyspnoea: wer'ati
each: ibri
ear: yesi
early: fruku
earn: wini
earth: doti, gron
east: sonopo
edge: lanki
edging: lanki
eel: snekfisi
egg: eksi
eggfruit: bulansye
eggplant: bulansye
eight: ayti
eighteen: tina-ayti
eighty: aytitenti
elbow: bak'anu
elephant: asaw
eleven: erfu
else: tra, trawan
embankment: dan
emmet: mira
empty: leygi, popo, soso | leygi
enchantment: mapokro, takrusani
encounter: miti, tuka
end: kaba | kaba
ending: kaba
endure: pina
end up: doro, kon | kaba
enemy: feyanti
engine: loko | masyin
enigma: laytori
enjoyable: switi
entertaining: prisiri
entire: eri
entomb: beri
envy: big'ay, dyarusu
epilepsy: adube
equipment: wroko sani
erroneous: kruktu
error: fowtu
esteem: gi-grani, teri
eternal: teygo
evening: neti
event: okasi
ever: alaten
every: ibri
everybody: ibri
everything: ala, alamala, alasani
every one: ibri
example: eksempre
except: boyti
exclusively: kodo
excrement: kaka, kunkun
exist: de
experience: ondrofeni
expire: kaba | dede, kraperi
eye: ay
face: fesi
faction: prati
faint: loli, swaki
fall: fadon
false: farsi
family: famiri
far: fara
farewell: adyosi
fashion: modo
fat: fatu, deki | fatu
father: papa, p'pa, tata | papa, p'pa, tata
fear: frede | frede
feather: feda
fellow: man
fertilizer: doti
festival: boda, fesa
fetch: tyari
fever: korsu
field: gron | firi, gron, sabana | firi, gron, sabana | firi, gron, sabana
fifteen: tinafeyfi
fig: figa
fight: streyfeti
file: feyri | feyri | reylo
fill: furu
fill in: furu
fill up: furu
filthy: doti, fisti, morsu
find: feni
fine: moy | butu
finger: finga
fire: faya | sutu
first: foswan
fish: fisi | fisi
fisherman: fisman
fist: kofu
five: feyfi
fixed: fasi
flag: fraga
flame: fayatongo
flat-iron: trik'isri
flat: plata
flatter: kori, papa
flavour: smeri
flea: sneysi
float: dribi, drifi | swen
flood: frudu, springi | frudu, springi
flour: bron, grin
flow: lon
flower: bromki
flu: agrabu
flute: froyti
fly: frey | freyfrey
foam: skuma
fold: fow | fow
folk: pipel
fondle: kori
food: nyanyan
fool: donman, dumakuku
foolish: lawlaw | don
foot: futu | futu
for: di | gi | bika, bikasi
force: dwengi | krakti, powa
forehead: fes'ede
forest: busi
forget: frigiti
forgive: gi pardon
fork: forku
four: fo
fourteen: tinafo
fowl: kakafowru
free: soso
frequently: nofotron, somentron
fresh: fersi
fresh water: switwatra | switwatra
friend: mati | ba, mati, staman
fringe: lanki
frog: todo
from: sensi
froth: skuma
fruit: froktu
full: furu
fun: prisiri
funeral: beri
fungus: todoprasoro
funnel: trekti
funny: prisiri


gag: spotu
gain: wini | wini | wini
gallery: gadri
gaol: dungr'oso | dungr'oso | dungr'oso
garden: dyari
gardener: dyariman
garlic: kunofroku
gather: dyunta
gathering: komakandra, takmakandra
gaunt: mangri | fini
gazette: koranti
gem: karbonkru
gentle: switi
gentleman: masra
get: doro, kon | kon, tron | teki | kisi
get off: saka
gherkin: angorki
ghost: azema, bakru, spuku
gift: presenti
girdle: sinta
give: gi
give off an odour: smeri
glad: breyti
glass: grasi | grasi
glasses: aygrasi
go: go
goblet: kan
god: gado
gold: gowtu | gowtu
golden: gowtu
good: bun
goodbye: adyosi
good evening: nafun, kuneti
good morning: kumara, morgu
good night: kuneti
goose: gansi
govern: prey edeman, prey basi
go down: saka | saka
go for a walk: koyri
grab: grabu
grandfather: granp'pa, grantata
grandmother: granm'ma
grape: droyfi
grapple: fanga
grasp: grabu
grass: grasi
grasshopper: dyompodyompo
gratitude: tangi
grave: grebi
graveyard: beripe, berpe
gravy: sowsu
grease: fatu
great-grandparent: afo
great: bigi, grofu
green: grun
greeting: odi
grip: grabu | agrabu
groan: geme
ground: gron
grow: kon, tron | kon, tron | gro | kweki
grown-up: bigisma
guarantee: dyaranti | dyaranti
guard: wakti | waktiman
guest: fisiti, f'siti
guilder: kolu
guinea-pig: ginipi
gulden: kolu
gun: gon
gunpowder: kroyti
hail: agra
hair: wiwiri
half: afu | afu
ham: ameti
hammer: amra
hand: wrokoman | anu
handsome: moy
hang: anga
hang onto: ori
happen: kon, tron
happy: breyti
hashish: ganya
hat: ati
hate: wrak
haul: ari
have: abi | kisi
have faith: furtrow
have faith in: furtrow
have got: abi
have to: musu
he-goat: bokoboko
he: a
head: ede | ede | ede | ede
headache: ed'ati
head up: prey edeman, prey basi
healthy: gesontu, kusonto
hear: yere
heart: ati
heavy: ebi
heel: bakafutu, iri
hell: didibrikondre
help: asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi | asisteri, lepi, stanbay, yepi | asisteri, yepi
helper: bakaman, yepiman | bakaman, yepiman
her: en | a | en | en
herb: grasi
herring: elen, eren
herself: eygi, srefi
hesitate: draydray, frede-frede, gunya
high: ey
high tide: frudu, springi
hill: bergi
him: a | en
himself: eygi, srefi
hip: dyonku
hire: yuru
his: en | en
hit: fon, naki
hog: agu
hold: ori
hole: olo
holy: santa
honey: oni
honor: gi-grani, teri | grani
honour: gi-grani, teri | grani
hood: tapun
hook: aka
hooker: motyo, uru | yayo-uma
hope: winsi
horse: asi
hospital: at'oso
host: warti
hot: ati, faya
hour: yuru
house: oso
housefly: freyfrey
house of worship: gado-oso, kerki
how: leki | leki | leki
however: toku
hummingbird: korke, kownubri
hundred: ondro
hunger: angri, angribere
hunt: onti
hunter: ontiman
husband: masra
husk: buba
identical: srefsrefi
if: efi, efu
ill: siki
illness: siki
immediately: nownow, wante'wante
imply: bodoy
indicate: sori | sori
inebriety: drungu
inexpensive: bunkopu | bunkopu
infant: pikin
influenza: agrabu
injured: mankeri
injury: soro
ink-well: enkibatra
ink: enki
inkpot: enkibatra
innkeeper: warti
insane: law
instant: yuruten
insult: afrontu | afrontu | afrontu
inter: beri
intercessor: afkati
interment: beri
interpreter: torku
intoxicated: drungu
invoke: kari
in a way: neleki, netleki
in front of: bifo, bifosi, fesi, fosi
in order to: gi
in the evening: sabaten
in time: biten
in what way: leki | leki
iron: isri | triki | trik'isri
iron clothes: triki
it: en
itch: krasi
its: en | en
itself: eygi, srefi
jaguaro: peni, tigri, pakiratigri, penitigri
jail: dungr'oso | dungr'oso | dungr'oso
jaw: kakumbe
jawbone: kakumbe
jealous: dyarusu
jeer at: spotu
jester: payasi
jewel: karbonkru | karbonkru
job: wroko
join: tay
joke: spotu
journal: koranti
judge: krutubakra
jump: dyompo, maska
just: kodo | nownow, wante'wante
keep: wakti
key: sroto
kick: skopu | skopu
kidney: niri
kill: kiri
king: kownu
kiss: bosi | bosi
kitchen: kukru
knee: kindi
knife: nefi
knit: brey
know: sabi
know how: sabi
laborer: wrokoman
labourer: wrokoman
lad: boy
ladder: trapu
laddie: boy
lady: misi
lamp: lampu
land: kondre | doti, gron
landlord: warti
language: tongo
lantern: lanteri
large: bigi, grofu
late: lati
laugh: lafu
law: plakati
lawyer: afkati
lay down: poti, seti
lay hold of: teki
lazy: lesi
lead: loto
leader: basi, edeman, masra, patron
leaf: wiwiri
lean: mangri | fini
leap: dyompo, maska
learn: leri
leather: lerbuba, kawbuba
leek: kunofroku
leg: futu | futu
lend: leni
length: langa | langa
leprosy: bwasi, gwasi, kokobe, takrusiki
letter: brifi
lettuce: sra
lick: leki
lid: tapun
lie: didon | ley
light: leti | loli, swaki | lekti
lightning: kotfaya
like: leki
likewise: tu
lime: karki
line: lin | reylo
liqueur: switsopi
liquidate: kiri
liquor: sopi
list: marki
listen: arki, yere
little: pikin
live: libi | libi
liver: lefre
load: lay, stow | ebi, frakti, lay
loaf: brede
loan: leni
lobster: krefti
location: presi
locust: dyompodyompo
lofty: ey
long: langa
look: luku, waki
look after: wakti
look at: luku, waki
look for: suku
lord: masra
lorry: frakwagi | frakwagi
lose: lasi
lose one's way: laspasi
loss: lasi
lottery: lotrey
louse: loso
love: lobi | lobi
lovely: switi | moy
low: lagi
low tide: fara watra
luggage: bagasi
lunatic: lawman
lung: fokofoko


machine: masyin
mad: law
madam: misi
magazine: koranti
magic: mapokro, takrusani
maize: karu
major: mayoro
make: du, meki
make clean: krin
make fun of: spotu
male cook: boriman, koki
man: man
manager: driktoro
mango: manya
manner: fari, maniri
manure: doti
map: karta
march: waka
market: wowoyo
marketplace: wowoyo
marsh: swampu
marvel: fruwondru
marvel at: fruwondru
mask: maskradu
mast: masi
master: masra
match: swafrutiki
matter: afersi
mature: lepi
maybe: kande, sonte, sonten
mayhap: kande, sonte, sonten
meadow: wey | wey
meager: mangri
meal: bron, grin
mealies: karu
mean: mindri | bodoy
means: wrokosani
meat: meti
medical: Korsow, Krusow
medicine: dresi
meet: miti, tuka
meeting: komakandra, takmakandra | komakandra, takmakandra
menu: karta
metalled: ston
middle: mindri
milk: merki | merki
mind: kra, akra
mingle: moksi
miserable: kway, ogri | pina, poti
mistake: fowtu
mistaken: kruktu
mistress: bigimisi, sisi
mix: moksi
moan: geme
mock: spotu
mode: fari, maniri | modo
moist: foktu
mold: buku
moment: yuruten
money: moni, paysa
monkey: keskesi, yapi
month: mun
moon: munkenki
moped: brombaysigri
more: moro
morning: mamanten
mother: mama, m'ma
mould: buku
mountain: bergi
mountain lion: tigri, reditigri
mouse: moysmoysi
mouth: mofo | mofo | mofo
move: froysi | froysi
movie theatre: kino
mud: tokotoko
mulatto: malata
murder: kiri
mushroom: todoprasoro
music: poku
must: musu
nail: nagri, nangra
naked: soso-skin, sososkin
name: nen
nameless: sondronen, tyibrifasi
nape: neki, bakaneki
narrate: fruteri
narrative: tori
narrow: naw
nasty: takru | kway, ogri
nation: pipel
nearly: pikinso moro
necessary: fandun, fanowdu
neck: neki
necklace: keti, ketin
neighbour: birman
nest: nesi
net: neti
network: neti
never: nemre, noyti
nevertheless: toku
new: nyun
news: nyunsu
newspaper: koranti | koranti
nice: switi | bun
nickname: nyunman-nen
night: neti
nine: neygi
nineteen: tinaneygi
nipple: bobimofo
no: ènèn, no
noise: babari, wunyuwunyu
noisy: blaw
nose: noso
nostril: nos'oro
not: tufi, no
notary: notarsi
nothing: noti
novel: nyun
novelty: nyunsu
now: we | now, noya
nude: soso-skin, sososkin
number: nomru
numeral: nomru
nut: noto
nuts: law
occurence: okasi
odor: smeri
odour: smeri
offend: afrontu | afrontu
office: kantoro | kantoro
officer: lantibakra
official: lantibakra
often: nofotron, somentron
oil: oli
okay: bun
old: gran, grani | owru | gran, grani, owru
once: wanlesi
once more: agen, adyen, baka
one: wan
onerous: ebi
one hundred: ondro
one time: wanlesi
onion: ayun
only: kodo
on that account: datmeki, dat'ede, fudat'ede
operative: wrokoman
opportunity: okasi
order: gi orda, komanderi
other: tra, trawan
other than: boyti
ouch: woy
ought to: musu
overall: eri
overthrow: fala
over there: sosey
ow: woy
owl: owrukuku
own: eygi
o'clock: yuru
packet: paki
pail: embre, emre
pain: pen
paint: ferfi | ferfi
painting: skedrey
pair: wantu | wantu
palace: paleysi
pale: breyki
panties: ondrobruku
pants: bruku
papaw: papaya
papaya: papaya
paper: papira
paraffin-oil: karsinoli
parcel: paki
pardon: gi pardon | pardon
parrot: popokay
parsley: metiwiwiri
party: boda, fesa | prati
pass away: dede, kraperi
pastor: domri
pate: ede
path: pasi
patience: pasensi
patient: sikiman
pauper: mofinasma, potisma
paw: futu
pay: pay
payment: payman
pay attention: wakti
pay attention to: wakti
pea: erki, pesi
peak: penti, tapu
peanut: pinda
peel: piri | buba
pencil: skriftiki
people: pipel
pepper: pepre
per: gi
perchance: kande, sonte, sonten
perform: du, meki
perfume: switismeri
perhaps: kande, sonte, sonten
periodical: koranti
permission: pasi, permisi
person: sma, suma
personal: eygi
perspiration: sweti
petroleum: karsinoli
phantom: azema, bakru, spuku
pharmaceutical: dresi
photograph: portreti, potreti, prentyi | portreti, potreti, prentyi
physician: datra
pick up: dyunta | teki
picture: skedrey
pie: kuku, tarta
pig: agu
pigeon: doyfi
pill: perki
pimple: olipoysi
pineapple: nanasi
pious: fromu, fron, santa, santafasi
pipe: pipa
place: presi | presi | poti, seti
place of worship: gado-oso, kerki
plait: frekti
plane: opolangi | skafu | skafu
plant: prani
plate: preti
platform: syoro
plaza: pren
pleasant: switi
pleasure: prisiri
point: penti, tapu
point out: sori
pole: postu
policeman: skowtu | skowtu
pony: poni
poor: kway, ogri | pina, poti | pina, poti
poor man: mofinasma, potisma
pork: agumeti
possibly: kande, sonte, sonten
post: postu
potato: patata
pray: begi
prayer: begi
present: presenti
president: amrabasi
priest: domri
primeval forest: busi
prison: dungr'oso | dungr'oso | dungr'oso
profit: wini | wini
profound: dipi
promise: pramisi | pramisi
prostitute: yayo-uma
provided that: efi, efu
prudent: krin-ede
public square: pren
pull: ari
puma: tigri, reditigri
pump: pompu | pompu
punishment: strafu
puppet: popki
purchase: bay | bay | bay | bay
purchaser: bayman
pure: krin
purge: krin
push: pusu | dyam, pusu
put: poti, seti
put down: poti, seti
put up with: pina
puzzle: laytori
quay: syoro
question: aksi
quite: dorodoro, sote
quiver: beyfi
rabbit: konkoni
radio: konkrudosu
raffle: lotrey
rain: alen
rainbow: alenbo
rank: reylo
rat: alata
raw: kruwa, lala
razor: sebinefi, srebinefi
read: leysi
realize: frustan
reason: ede, leti
reasonable: krin-ede
recall: memre
receive: kisi
recent: fersi
recline: didon
recollect: memre
red: redi | redi
reek: smeri
refuse: mombi, weygri
regard: luku, waki | luku, waki
regrettably: eru
regularly: nofotron, somentron
reject: mombi, weygri
relate: fruteri
relative: famirman
remain: fika, tan
remember: memre
remote: fara
reply: piki
request: begi
respect: lespeki | lespeki
respond: piki
restrain: prey edeman, prey basi
rice: aleysi
rich: gudu
rich man: guduman
riddle: laytori
rifle: gon
right away: nownow, wante'wante
right now: nownow, wante'wante
rigid: steyfi
rim: lanki
ring: linga
ripe: lepi
ripen: lepi
river: liba
road: pasi
rock: krepiston
roof: daki
room: kamra
rooster: kaka
root: rutu
rope: titey
rose: rowsu
round: lontu
route: pasi
row: lo | reylo
rub: frifi, griti, lobi
run: lon


sack: saka
sacred: santa
sail: seyri | seyri
saint: santa
sallow: breyki
salt: sowtu
salty: sowtu
sand: santi
sauce: sowsu
saucer: skotriki
saw: sa | sa
say: taki
scale: fisbuba
scent: smeri
science: sabi
scissors: sesey, sisey
scorpion: kruktutere
scream: bari
screw: skrufu | skrufu
scuffle: feti
sea: se
seagull: fisman
seaside: sekanti
secretary: sekretarsi
see: miti, tuka | si | fisiti | sorgu, span
seed: siri
seek: suku
seize: grabu
self: eygi, srefi
sell: seri
send: seni
sensible: krin-ede
serpent: langaman, sneki
servant: diniman
serve: dini
seven: seybi
seventeen: tinaseybi
sew: nay
shade: sombra
shadow: sombra
shake: seki
shark: sarki
sharp: srapu | srapu
sharpen: srapu
shatter: masi
shave: sebi
she-goat: krabita
she: a
sheep: skapu
sheet: wiwiri
shell: skropu | piri | buba
ship: sipi
shirt: empi
shiver: beyfi
shock: seki
shoe: buta
shoot: sutu
shop: wenkri
shore: sekanti
short: syatu | syatu
should: musu
shoulder: skowru
shout: bari
show: sori
shrimp: sarasara
shuffle: moksi
sick: siki
side: sey | prati
sideboard: kasi
sieve: dorodoro, manari
sift: doro, dorodoro
sightless person: breniman
signify: bodoy
silk: sekrosi
silver: sorfu
sin: pikadu, sondu
since: sensi | bika, bikasi
sing: singi
singer: singiman
singing: singi
sir: mineri
sister: sisa
sit: sidon
six: siksi
sixteen: tinasiksi
skimpy: mangri
skin: buba, skin
skinny: mangri
slaughter: srakti
slave: katibo, srafu
slay: kiri
sleep: sribi | sribi
sleeve: anu, mow
slender: fini
slow: safrisafri
sly: koni
small: pikin
smart: koni
smash: masi
smell: smeri | smeri
smoke: smoko | smoko
smooth: grati
snail: pakro
snake: langaman, sneki
snare: trapu
soap: sopo
sobriquet: nyunman-nen
soft: switi | safu
soil: gron | fraka | doti, gron
soiled: doti, fisti, morsu
sole: ondrofutu
solicitor: afkati
something: wansani
something new: nyunsu
son: manpikin
soon: er'esi
sorcery: mapokro, takrusani
sore: soro
sour: swa
speak: taki
spectacles: aygrasi
spectator: wakiman, watyiman
spider: anansi
spiderweb: anansititey
spirits: sopi
sponge: sponsu
spoon: spun
spot: presi | fraka | flaka, fraka
spring: dyompo, maska
square: pren
squirrel: bonboni
stain: fraka
staircase: trapu
stairs: trapu
stake: postu
stanchion: postu
stand: tanapu
star: stari
start: bigin | bigin
stay: fika, tan
stay over: fika, tan
steal: fufuru
steam: dampu
steamship: smokosipi
stench: smeri, tingi
stick: tiki
stiff: steyfi
still: ete
stocking: kowsu
stomach ache: ber'ati
stone: ston | ston
store: wenkri
story: tori
straight: leti
strangle: yokro
stream: kriki
street: strati
strength: krakti, powa
strike: fon, naki
string: titey
stroke: kori | kori
stroll: koyri
strong: krakti, tranga
strong drink: sopi
struggle: streyfeti | feti
study: stuka
stupid: don
such a: leki
such as: leki
suck: bobi, popo, soygi
suffer: pina
sugar: sukru
suggest: sori
summit: penti, tapu
summon: kari
sun: son
swamp: swampu
swear: sweri
sweat: sweti | sweti
sweep: figi, sibi
sweet: switi
swell: sweri
swim: swen
swine: agu
synagogue: snoga
table: tafra
tail: tere
take: teki
take care: sorgu, span
take over: bay
tale: tori
talk: taki
tall: ey
tar: tara
tardy: lati
tart: swa | kuku, tarta
tax: lantimoni
tea: te
teach: leri | leri
telephone: konkrutitey
tell: taki | fruteri
tell a lie: ley
temple: bropresi | gado-oso
ten: tin
tender: switi
tent: tenti
termite: uduloso
test: proberi, tréy
thank: tangi, taki tangi, tanyi
thanks: tangi | danki, tangi
thank you: danki, tangi
that ... over there: a ... dati
that much: someni
that one: a ... dati
that one over there: a ... dati
the: a, den
theft: fufuru
their: en
there: dape, drape
therefore: datmeki, dat'ede, fudat'ede
these: den ... disi | den ... disi
the Netherlands: Bakrakonde, Blanda, Patatakondre
the day after tomorrow: tratamara
the day before yesterday: tra-esrede
thick: fatu, deki
thief: fufuruman
thigh: bowtu
thin: mangri | fini
thing: sani
think: denki, prakseri
think well of: gi-grani, teri
thirst: dreywatra
thirteen: tinadri
this: a ... disi | a ... disi
thorn: maka
those: den ... dati
thou: i | i | i
though: ofskon
thought: prakseri
throat: gorogoro
throw: fringi, iti
throw away: trowe
throw up: fomeri
thrust: pusu
thunder: dondru
tie: tay
tie up: tay
till: te
timber: udu
time: yuru | ten
tip: penti, tapu
tired: sonyo, weri
to: gi
toad: todo
tobacco: tabaka
today: tide
together: makandra
tomb: grebi
tomorrow: tamara
tongue: tongo | tongo
too: tu
tool: wrokosani
tooth: tifi
toothache: tif'ati
tortoise: sekrepatu
touch: fasi, meri
town: foto
tractor: konkoni
train: fayawagi | fayawagi
transformation: kenki | kenki
transgression: pikadu, sondu
transmit: seni
trap: trapu
travel: waka
treasure: gudu
tree: bon
tremble: beyfi
trousers: bruku
truck: frakwagi | frakwagi
truculent: kaksi
true: tru
trunk: kofru, pagara
trust: furtrow
try: proberi, tréy
tug: ari
tummy: bere
tummy ache: ber'ati
turkey: kraku
turn: dray | dray | reylo
turn around: dray
turn round: dray
twelve: twarfu
twine: frekti
two: tu
ugly: takru
ulcer: soro
umbrella: prasoro
uncle: omu
unclean: doti, fisti, morsu
uncooked: kruwa, lala
under: ondro
underneath: ondro
underpants: ondrobruku
understand: frustan
unfortunately: eru
until: te
urinate: pisi
us: wi
used to: gwenti
usual: gwenti
uterus: muru
vagina: panpan, pola
vampire: azema
vapor: dampu
vapour: dampu
vegetable: gruntu
vein: brudutitey
vend: seri
very: dorodoro, sote
very much: dorodoro, sote
vessel: sipi
victim: katibo
view: luku, waki
vigour: krakti, powa
vinegar: asin
violin: finyoro
visit: fisiti | fisiti
voice: sten
void: leygi, popo, soso
vomit: fomeri
vulture: opete
wager: strey
wake: wiki
wake up: wiki
walk: waka
wall: seypranga
want: winsi | wani
wardrobe: kroskasi
warm: waran
warrant: dyaranti | dyaranti
wash: wasi | wasi
wasp: waswasi
watch: oloysi | oloysi | luku, waki
watch out for: wakti
watch over: wakti
water-melon: watramun
water: watra
waterfall: sula | sula
wave: skwala
way: fari, maniri | pasi
we: wi
weak: loli, swaki
wealthy: gudu
wear: tyari | weri
weather: weri
week: wiki
weep: krey
weigh: wegi | wegi
weight: wegi
well-off: gudu
well: enkibatra | we | peti | gesontu, kusonto
well then: we
west: sondongo
wet: nati | nat, nati
wharf: syoro
what a: leki
wheel: wiri
when: efu | efu | efu | efu
where: pe
whereas: di
while: di | ten
whilst: di
whip: krawasi, wipi | krawasi, wipi
whisper: safri taki
whistle: froyti
white: weti | weti
white man: wetiman, yobo
whole: eri
whore: motyo, uru | yayo-uma
wife: wefi
will: wani
willingness: wani
win: wini
wind: winti
window: fensre
wine: win
wing: frey
wireless: konkrudosu
wish: winsi | winsi | wani | wani
witchcraft: mapokro, takrusani
with: nanga
without: sondro
without a name: sondronen, tyibrifasi
wizardry: mapokro, takrusani
woe: eru
woman: frow, uma
womb: muru
wonder: fruwondru
wonted: gwenti
wood: udu
wooden: udu
woods: busi
word: wortu
work: wroko | wroko
worker: wrokoman
working man: wrokoman
workman: wrokoman
world: grontapu
worm: woron
worry: sorgu, span
worship: anbegi
wound: soro
wounded: mankeri
wreathe: frekti
wrench: sroto
write: skrifi
wrong: kruktu
yard: prasi
ye: i | i
year: yari
yellow: geri
yellow fever: gerikorsu
yes: ay, ayi, iya
yesterday: esrede
yet: ete | kaba, wansi | toku
yon: sosey
yonder: sosey
you: i | i | i | i
young: yongu
youngster: yonkuman
youth: yonkuman
zinc: senki

Useful Links to Study Sranantongo[edit]

  • For Practice with the Language: Wikipedia recently added a Sranantongo version of their website:


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