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Tramping in New Zealand

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Hut System
Many of the national parks have basic accommodation called huts, which range from a basic roof over your head with large bunk spaces and a "long drop" toilet, to the deluxe huts on the [[Milford Track]] with individual bunks and flush toilets (one of which has electric lighting).
The hut system is one of the treasures of the New Zealand backcountry. Usually huts are spaced a days day's walk apart, and they can be found on most tracks and in all of larger tracts of native bush. Many of them date back to the 1960's and 70's when the Forest Service, as it was then known, built accommodation for government deer cullers in the remote bush areas, and linked the huts via a system of tracks.
There are two main classes of huts. Back country huts and great walks huts. The back country huts are very basic but also very cheap. Back country huts range in price from $0 to $15 per person per night and you can get an annual back country hut pass for $65. The great walks huts range in price from $10 up to $35 per person per night. Great Walk huts usually have heating and cooking facilities, often have warden present, and are generally of a higher standard than other huts.
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