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San Cristobal de las Casas

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The word is out in San Cristóbal that the bar Perfida Perfidia has the best food for your money. You can share bocadillos with your friends, from empanadas and enmoladas, to the famous hamburgers and salads with locally made jamón serrano and regional cheeses. All the dishes are beautifully decorated.
On and around the main square there are many sit -down restaurants. Also, you can find cheaper food at the local street vendors (found anywhere there are tourist attraction).
There are various vegetarian restaurants in town. One of them is in the pedestrian zone north of the plaza and its it's called ''NaturlissimoNaturalissimo''.
* El Gato Gordo - Good restaurant with live music. It has a cheap vegetarian menu for 35 pesos (soup, rice, chees cheese croquets). Pasta is also +- 35 pesos.
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