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[[Image:Kedainiai_night.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Kėdainiai old town, shot taken from the left river bank]]
'''Kėdainiai''' []. is one of the oldest cities in [[Lithuania]]. Found in 1372, it is located in geographical centre of Lithuania, by Nevėžis river. It has about 30,000 inhabitants and is the 10th largest city of [[Lithuania]].
Currently Kėdainiai is one of seven cities of Lithuania that have old-towns. It is about 3 square kilometres in size and is one of the biggest old-towns in the country. Some of its buildings and squares dates XVII century or earlier.
===By plane===
There are no local airports around the city. However, main airports of Lithuania ([[Vilnius ]] (VNO) and [[Kaunas ]] (KUN) international airports) are 150 and 50 kilometres 50km away. After landing Kėdainiai can be easily reached in couple of hours using bus or train. There are no direct routes from airport, so trip from airport to station and from station to station should be planned.
===By car===
As Kėdainiai located in the centre of the country it is not difficult to reach the city by car. Main motorways of the country passes through the city. It is about 150 kilometres 150km away from the capital [[Vilnius]] and about 50 kilometres 50km away from the second largest city [[Kaunas]]. Everyone can easily access Kėdainiai, going by major route [[Via Baltica]], officially known as European route E 67, that goes from the [[Estonia]]n capital [[Tallinn]] to the [[Poland|Polish]] capital [[Warsaw]]. It is the most important highway between the Baltic States, and fairly important for traffic from [[Finland]] and [[Russia]] to [[Central Europe]] as well as the other way around.
===By bus===
===By train===
The main Lithuanian railway goes through Kėdainiai. You can get by train from Vilnius, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Jonava. The train ticket from Vilnius costs about 20 Lt, from Šiauliai about 15 Litas. Trip can be planned using Lithuanian railways website [].
==Get around==
There is no big supermarkets in Kėdainiai. But there is a lot of shops at the center and other city parts. The main are Maxima, RimiIki, Norfa.
There is some restaurants at the old town. They generally are cheap but there is no a big assortment. You can eat typical Lithuanian meals.
Restaurant "Smilga" []
There is are two hotels in Kėdainiai, which are located at the old town:
*Grėjaus namas []
*Smilga*** []
Kėdainiai has modern touristic information center []. The website contains a useful touristic information.
==Get out==
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