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{{welcome}} Thank you for your enthusiastic work on [[Edmonton]], and on [[Vancouver]], [[Calgary]] and some other pages where I've seen your work. I admire your enthusiasm! [[User== Re:JimDeLaHunt|JimDeLaHunt]] 02:50, 22 October 2008 (EDT)Hey ==
== Districts in [[Calgary]] ==I saw you added some districts to [[Calgary#Understand]]. Please see the discussion in [[Talk:Calgary#Districts and Huge City?]]. Yep, I've removed that "Districts" section until there's a consensus on Talknoticed. Please join the discussion there! Thank you, [[User:JimDeLaHunt|JimDeLaHunt]] 02:50, 22 October 2008 (EDT)
== A thankyou ==If I could ask a question: I noticed you consider [[Walt Disney World]] to be "tacky", "too crowded", and "overrated". I'm not trying to change your opinion, but I'm curious what you think of our article on the resort, and if any aspects highlighted there appeal to you.
Thank I'm always working to improve that article, and one way to make our coverage of the place stand out would be to try to highlight some of the less-noticed features, things that people don't always think about when they think of Walt Disney World. So what sorts of vacation things do you like to Jim do? Where do you go on vacation? What could we highlight in the WDW article that you might find a little appealing? Thanks! -- [[User:LtPowers|LtPowers]] 08:48, 16 May 2009 (EDT) : Hi! What I'll do is post this here and on your talk page. I'll also look through it while I write this so I don't miss any of my thoughts and whatnot on the topic. :I'm actually doing the same for being Portland (Or), as over the past while I have gotten an increased interest in the city, and will be going to it soon so that's good. I nominated it for DOTM cause I cleaned it up a bit and it seemed worthy. By the time it'd get DOTM I'd be able to upload pics so helpfulthere will be more pics, and make a map perhaps. :Oh and of course I'm doing it with Edmonton & Alberta. : Anyhow, Walt Disney World. Before I get started I mind as well just say flat out the place doesn't attract me. It seems like more a place for little kids and families instead, and to me just looks tacky and overhype. I don't know, that's just how I feel - but then again I don't go and watch Disney princess on tele. :One thing I do like though is the information really. I love how you give tributes to Walt Disney and fun facts. The Understand section is amazing. :I didn't know there was a parade! Interesting. And one thing you might want to do is a climate graph like in Edmonton. They seem very strict on alcohol. In the food section I wouldn't be so quick to single out mcdonalds. maybe say there are some regular fast food chains but save the actual lists for high quality restaurants / vendors. :For me? You ask? What kind of travelling do I like to do? I like how going to cities. Particularily North American ones, although I would not mind Europe. I am a urban planning geek so that would explain that. WDW looks very very suburbanized and concentrated around the highway, which I hate. I am very antisuburbs, so thats another thing that bothers me about it. Maybe if they have transit going to it, that would be a good thing to highlight. I don't really like warm cities either. Miami, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Abuquerque, Phoenix, and Tampa barely interest me. San Diego is an exception, as is Texas. I like northern cities, with 4 seasons, and seem to feel more "older" I guess, although the southern cities are also old just in a different way. Rustbelt, New England, East Coast, North midwestern, Pacific Northwest, and NoCal areas of the US I like. In Canada, almost anywhere interests me, as long as it's cities. Montréal, Fredricton, Thunder Bay, Toronto, etc. I like sort of former communist countries in Europe like Germany, Poland, and Russia just cause it would be interesting to see socialism instead of capitalism, although I'd never live in those places even though they are democratic now. I like the places that either had a big influence by English or the place influenced English. So Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Sweden interest me. Scadinavia as a whole seems pretty cool. I'd rather go to New York than Yellowstone, or Sydney than Everest, or Tokyo over the Coral Reef, or Houston over WDW basically. I don't like suburban cities at all. Maybe if WDW has a more "urban sector", although I doubt it does that would be cool to highlight. Orlando as a whole seems very suburbanized. Nearby Tampa too. And Jacksonville. Nearest would be Miami I guess or Atlanta. :Does that help? If not please let me know, or if you need more information or just a general comment please don't hesitate to reply. I'd actually like a reply, but ya don't haveto. Thankyou. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 22:15, 16 May 2009 (EDT). ::Hey, thanks for your thoughts. No need to copy it in two places, I'll find it. =) You seem very well grounded in reality, so I can see that a fantastic place like Walt Disney World wouldn't appeal to you. Makes sense. [[User:LtPowers|LtPowers]] 09:10, 17 May 2009 (EDT) :::Alright. No problems about telling. Did you called like any of my suggestions? BTW - I appreciate all the work youve put into WDW aside from me not liking it. It's a good article. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 13:35, 17 May 2009 (EDT). ::::Oh sure, I'm going to see what I can do. [[User:LtPowers|LtPowers]] 07:54, 18 May 2009 (EDT) :::::Urban planning? It's a little hobby of mine also, although, I see some very urban features in WDW myself. Consider that from morning to dusk, that the average population on any given day of the year is 50,000 and the economics of the parks surpass that of many of the nation's cities also. My interest in urban planning varies from socio-economic to military inspired. If I was an urban planner in [[Warsaw]] at the end of World War II, I would have designed small streets around government buildings, designed buildings that were being constructed alongside the major arteries of the city to collapse in a certain way, if demolished, so that an invading army would be unable to use the roads to transport troops, equipment, or supplies via trucks or cars. -- [[User:Sapphire|Sapphire]] • <small>([[User_talk:Sapphire|Talk]])</small> • 08:10, 18 May 2009 (EDT) ==Calgary==No, it's not OK. You can delete the content when you're ready to replace it. There is no "soon". [[User:Gorilla Jones|Gorilla Jones]] 16:13, 23 May 2009 (EDT):Well if you must know I was just re editing it. I don't think its a big deal waiting 20 minutes for it to be re changed. I was doing it so I remember later. I don't see the big deal. I'll revert your edit (again), but don't revert it, as right after, like I was doing, I'll be editing it, ok? [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 16:16, 23 May 2009 (EDT). EE, even if you think you'enthusiasticre right, ' heh'don't repeatedly revert''. That's what got you blocked before. Edit wars are not made "okay" by good intent; they are simply a description of what is happening when people revert back and forth repeatedly. ''Always'' discuss ''before'' reverting something someone else reverted. [[User:LtPowers|LtPowers]] 17:04, 23 May 2009 (EDT) Also, it's great that you're re-writing it. But just let the current text sit there meanwhile instead of deleting it. First, this helps if you get a Real Life distraction which prevents you from finishing right away since you can just handle Real Life first, then come back where you left off. Second, it makes it easier to see what's going on when doing a diff in the history. Thanks. -- [[User:Cjensen|Colin]] 17:24, 23 May 2009 (EDT) :Thanks. The tips help, will try to implent them later. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 22:00, 23 May 2009 (EDT).::Whenever I have undertaken edits that cannot be completed in one session, I work on a text document and later copy and paste the completed version. In this way, others can still access the original information. Hope that is helpful. [[User:WindHorse|WindHorse]] 22:07, 23 May 2009 (EDT) Yes! You [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 22:08, 23 May 2009 (EDT). :This also applies to [[Edmonton]] (and all articles), it's best to not delete info until the moment you are replacing it with a better version. Leaving edit summaries are also very helpful in letting people know the reasoning behind your edits, especially when they are significant. Are you planning to restore a lot of that info that you just re-deleted from Edmonton's history section? Colin already restored it once yesterday. It certainly needs a rewrite, but there's a lot of useful info in there &ndash; [[User:Cacahuate|<font color="green">cacahuate</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Cacahuate|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]</small></sup> 18:16, 24 May 2009 (EDT)::I've started rewritting it, I got up to WWII, the rest won't take long. Actually cacahuate I need your help! [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 18:26, 24 May 2009 (EDT). == rewrites == Hey there EE, so helpfulplease please pretty please.... when you are planning to rewrite something, <u>replace the old text with the new in a <i>single edit</i></u>.... some examples are [ here] and [ here]. Deleting info like [ this] with future plans to rewrite, even 10 minutes in the future, is ''not'' the right way to go. If you need time to rewrite it, work on a word doc, or create a page in your userspace where you can copy the article to and work on it there however you wish. Thank you! &ndash; [[User:Cacahuate|<font color="green">cacahuate</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Cacahuate|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]</small></sup> 18:44, 25 May 2009 (EDT):Yeah no I understand I'm sorry, I could create a sandbox. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 18:47, 25 May 2009 (EDT). == Portland photos on shared.. == Just checked one photo, and you maked it PD, when the author had released in cc-by-sa. So, just based on the first thing I checked, I don't think you got it right. --[[User:Inas|inas]] 21:51, 27 May 2009 (EDT):How about now? [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 21:54, 27 May 2009 (EDT). ==rajas back!!!==Hey sorry I just suddenly stopped logging on, went with my cousins to Spain and France, I'll continue helpin the Pakistani related articles, and try to make it one of the best, talk to you guys later [[User:Raja1020|Raja1020]] 15:32, 22 June 2009 (EDT) ==Stop edit warring== Stop edit warring. You've been told this over and over again. Listen this time. Stop it. [[User:Gorilla Jones|Gorilla Jones]] 01:23, 23 June 2009 (EDT): Calm down. I do listen. Just because I revise an edit on something doesn't mean I'm edit warring. Quit jumping to conclusions. Thank you. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 01:26, 23 June 2009 (EDT). ::If someone reverts a change you make, the only option from there is to discuss it.... the minute you re-add or re-delete the information, it becomes an edit war, and does nothing to resolve the disagreement.... it only escalates the situation, and nobody wants that :) &ndash; [[User:Cacahuate|<font color="green">cacahuate</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Cacahuate|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]</small></sup> 05:18, 23 June 2009 (EDT) ==Welcome back==Welcome back. I hope you can make some great contributions to Canadian articles, just remember not to irk the authorities around here. [[User:AHeneen|AHeneen]] 15:23, 10 April 2010 (EDT)*Haha, thanks. Not sure how much I'll contribute, I was just looking at some things regarding travel and came to the site and noticed some things that could use a little change :). [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 15:27, 10 April 2010 (EDT)

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