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Thami phrasebook

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New page: '''Name of Language''' is the main language of Country. ==Pronunciation guide== ===Vowels=== ===Consonants=== ===Common diphthongs=== ==Phrase list== ===Basics=== ; Hello. : har...
'''Name of Language''' is the main language of [[Country]].

==Pronunciation guide==



===Common diphthongs===

==Phrase list==

; Hello. : hara chha?.
; Hello. (''formal'') : Namaste.
; How are you? : nangkai hara(kuni) chha?
; What is your name? : Nangko name hara ho?
; My name is ______ . : Gaiko name __________ ho.
; Yes. : ho, hodu.
; No. : matha.
; I can't speak ''name of language''. : gai uchhincha mattai nepali chijyangdu.
; Do you speak English? : nang-e Angreji chijyangdu?
; I am from _________ . : gai _________ ngi(ni) ho.
; I would like _________.: Gai ______________ chyangadu
; Where is the toilet? : Paikhana(toilet) kuta hodu?




====Clock time====




====Writing time and date====



====Bus and train====







; How much is this? : Ka hani ho?



==Learning more==


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