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 {{infobox|The Wolf-Man|There is a man that resides in Sheki who walks around the road by the Khansarai with a stuffed wolf covered in a sheet, hoping to entice foreign visitors into a photo-op. It can be quite interesting just to talk to him (if you know Azeri), but otherwise you can take a picture with him and the wolf for the standard fee of 0.4 AZN.}} [[Image:Sheki caravansarai.jpg|thumb|280px|The Caravansarai gates]][[Image:Sheki khansarai.jpg|thumb|280px|Summer palace of the Sheki Khans]]
* <see name="Juma Mosque" alt="Juma Məscid" address="" directions="Right next to the Chelebi Khan restaurant" phone="" url="" hours="6:00-21:00" price="Donation" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">This picturesque mosque has a 40m spire, from which you will hear the resounding call to prayer. It was built from 1745-1750 and is decorated with exquisite geometric designs.</see>
[[Image:Sheki khansarai.jpg|thumb|280px|Summer palace of the Sheki Khans]]
* <see name="Khansarai" alt="Palace of the Sheki Khans" address="" directions="on the upper main historical monument reserve" phone="994 177 4366" email="" fax="" hours="10:00-18:00 daily" price="Admission: 80 qapick" url="">This palace, along with the Caravansarai, is one of Sheki's true must-sees. During the city's period of independence as the Sheki Khanate, Khan Hussein constructed the palace, its gardens, and fortifications to serve as the summer palace of the Sheki Khans. The palace is exquisite, inside and out, and the courtyard boasts panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountain forests. You could make a good half day of this one site, as there are also various museums, parks, and a nice tea house right on the palace grounds.</see>

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