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La Goulette

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La Goulette is located on the beach just north of [[Tunis]].
[[Image:TunisWTGouletteV.jpg|thumb|350px|Viewof La Goulette]]
==Get in==
By taxi, the town is 15 minutes from [[Tunis]] and costs 5TND15TND. There is a train station, some 200 meters from the town center.
La Goulette is a also a port for cruise ships.
==Get around==
[[Image:LaGouletteSqWT.jpg|thumb|300px|Town Center, . Avenue Roosevelt on the right]]
* '''L'Aquarius''', Grilled fresh fish, couscous, and steaks. Mains 12-15 TND.
* '''L'Avenir''', 18, Avenue Roosevelt, tel: 71735758. Great food at reasonable prices; mains for 10-12TND; serves alcohol.
* '''La Sirene''' across from L'Avenir. Good and cheap fish. There is no menu list menu: You choose a fish from the big marple counter at the next door fishmonger, pay by weight, and add 2TND to have the fish prepared for you. You can have a ''salade tunisienne'' while the chef prepares the fish on the big coal-fired grill. No alcohol. A whole meal can be less than 10TND.
* '''Ma mie Lily''' just off Ave. Habib Bourguiba, on the street running from the Goulette Casino TGM stop. Small Tunisian-Jewish restaurant; delicious all-Mediterranean food; cozy atmosphere; open for dinner Saturday-Thursday. Mains around 15TND.
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