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Packing for a cruise

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See and Do
*'''power strip or outlet tap''' - There is likely only one electrical outlet in the bathroom and one in the stateroom. That may not be convenient if charging and/or powering several items.
*'''travel coffee cup with lid''' - Walking around the deck is much safer with a travel cup than with the open cups and glasses provided by the cruise lines. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise while sitting in a deck chair and sipping a warm beverage.
* '''notepad and pen for journal''' - Even Evedn less expensive than photographs and even more personal, a journal can help you relive your adventure years later.
* '''handheld GPS unit''' - Rather than bugging the crew, a GPS unit can tell where you are. A cruise ship's course and speed tends to be dictated more by when they want to arrive in port than by geography, so don't expect a shortest-distance best-speed route.
*'''family radio service portables''' - These "walkie-talkies" make it much easier for families and others to communicate on large ships. Some cruise lines now rent them.
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