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Pontevedra (city)

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The Fiestas of Festa da Romería de San Benitiño de Lérez: Every June 11th, this is celebrated on the outskirts of Pontevedra. St Benedict is one of the most venerated saints in Galicia, and this devotion dates back to the late Middle Age. Lérez is a old Benedictine monastery, a sanctuary located on the Lerez riverbank where a small image of the saint is venerated.
Carnival: Since 1876, Pontevedra's citizens celebrate the reign and death of King Urco. Nowdays, Carnival takes places in the streets, and features street bands and fancy dresses (costumes).
Festa da Virxe do O: December 18th is the festival of this patron saint of the city. Festa da Peregrina: On the weekend of the second Sunday in August, this festival starts with a floral tribute to the "Virxe da Peregrina" (Virgin of the Pilgrim), whose shrine stands in the center of the old town. It includes fireworks (weather permitting), bullfights, a marathon, a regatta, bands, and artistic displays. This also coincides with the Honey Festival (held in Verdura Square). Autumn Festival: For one weekend in mid November, Plaza da Perdura is the venue for this cultural and commercial festival, bringing people to Pontevedra's historic centre to celebrate typical autumn produce like mushrooms, nuts, and legumes. Also on hand are several magostos (traditional chestnut festivals), folk games, and musical performances. Nearby restaurants offer typical autumn dishes to celebrate the festival. Medieval Fair: First weekend in September. Festa do Caldo Galego: On the second Sunday in March, this local dish is celebrated with its own festival. The stew is served in clay dishes, and the celebration includes a Caldo Galego contest. In an effort to preserve traditional recipes, including varieties which use squash, onions, rice, and chestnuts, each contestant much submit the list of ingredients. Entrants are divided into two categories: meat-based and vegetarian. Festa dos Maios (Mayfest): On the first Sunday in May, this festival celebrates Galicia's Celtic roots. This includes a contest for the best "maio" (a conical construction covered with branches and flowers, around which a group of children dance in a ring and sing while beating sticks to mark time. The child with the best voice sings under the Virxe "maio."  Festa da Anguia: In late June, the Parrish of Pontesampaio hosts this celebration of various dishes prepared using eels. Festa do ODemo: In late August is the Festival of the Devil, patron saint celebrating the symbolic struggle of good against evil. The "devil" chases the children with his pitchfork, then they get to play traditional games in the town square. Festa de Santiaguiño do Burgo: In late July, this festival ostensibly venerates the Apostle James, but includes food and sporting events in addition to its religious component. It includes the city“Santiago Peregrino” marathon and fireworks. It is also held in conjunction with the traditional "Homage to Senior Citizens" celebration.

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