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'''Saumur''' [] is a small historical city in the [[France|French]] region of [[Pays de la Loire]], site of a dramatically situated ''château'' and the heart of its own world-renowned wine district. Population 30,000.
H==Get in==
MY BEST FRIEND IS TYLER'''Saumur''' is roughly 70km east of [[Angers]] and 80km west of [[Tours]]. Saumur is best accessed by train from either [[Tours]], [[Angers]] and other larger surrounding towns. Flights into Tours Airport or Angers Airport would be the most appropriate method of reaching Saumur from other countries. ==Get around== During the non-high peak season, public transport in and around Saumur is skeletal. Bus services often run a few times a day to Parnay, Turquant, Montsoreau and Fontevraud. However, services often do not run on Sundays. Taxis are available in Saumur itself but are often prohibitively expensive to destinations outside Saumur. ==See== *the ''Château de Saumur'' ==Do== The town itself is quiet and low-key with an array of small shops and winding cobbled streets. However, the majority of sights to see in the area are found in the suburbs and surrounding areas.
Saumur has a selection of fine and mid-priced restaurants spread around the town. Choice is exceptionally limited on Sundays and public holidays.
NOTHING MILK==Drink== The majority of drinking establishments are centred around Rue F. Roosevelt in the centre of town by the theatre.

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