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'''Pavlovsk ''' ([[Russianphrasebook|Russian]]: Пáвловск, PAHV-lohvsk) is 30 km from in the [[Saint Petersburg (Russiadistrict)|District of Saint Petersburg]], about 30 km from the city itself, and just to the south of [[Tsarskoye Selo]]. It is home to Pavlovsk Palace, one of the most splendid residences of the Russian imperial family. It is part of the World Heritage Site Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments. ==Understand==
The Pavlovsk palace is probably the best preserved of Russian imperial residences outside the capital. The neoclassical interior of the palace was faithfully restored after a fire in 1803. The damage sustained by the palace during the German occupation in 1941–1943, though considerable, was not as devastating as [[Peterhof]] and Tsarskoye Selo.
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