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* Transportes Linea [] have frequent buses from/to Chiclayo, [[Trujillo (Peru)|Trujillo]] & Lima.
* Cruz del Sur [] also runs daily luxury buses to Cajamarca from Chiclayo, [[Trujillo (Peru)|Trujillo]] & Lima.
==Get around==
Cajamarca is known for its fine dairy products and chocolate. A visit to one of the cheese shops is worth your time. There are also several street markets along the Rio San Lucas selling farm goods, cloth and various other items.
Most of the larger stores are found within one block of the Plaza de Armas.
El Quinde shopping mall offers secure parking, a large grocery store, movie theater, food court, electronics, clothing, pharmacies, banking, and many kiosk-type businesses. It is located about six blocks north east of the Plaza.
There is a decent drop-off laundromat behind the San Francisco on calle Belen. 5 soles per kilo. Closed Fridays.

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