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Wikitravel:Poland Expedition

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Viewed by itself, improving Wikitravel coverage of an US state is a daunting task. This difficulty is exemplified by the fact that Wikitravel ''lacks a single region article of guide level status''! This Expedition exists to to clarify exactly what needs to be done in pursuit of our goals for [[Maryland]] and related articles, identify avenues for potential collaboration, and generate enthusiasm towards achieving our goal.
The main goal of the Maryland Poland Expedition is to achieve '''[[Wikitravel:Region Country guide status|Guide status]]''' for the Maryland state Poland article. In pursuit of this goal, we must:
# Improve the quality of the [[Poland]] article itself, by adding images, graphics, and prose
* Add photos, images, and maps.
By no stretch of the imagination could one Kraków consider Kraków to be near "guide" status, however, with a little sweat and likely a lot of blloodblood, it could be accomplished.
==Article status chart==

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