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Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

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*'''Pamukkale'''. A Turkish restaurant offering both Turkish and Western dishes.
No restaurants in the park. Take any special food you need with you. Local Kazakh foods are generally meat and...more meat. Goat, sheep, horse, camal and cow.
If you are going to "go native" and eat with the locals, which you most likely will have to do anyhow. It's customary, and generally a nice thing to bring some onions, potato's, carrots, cabbage, a bag of noodles, rice, as food items you can give to the woman of the house, who mainly prepares all meals. This is easy if you've hired a car and driver for your trip. You can get these items in any quantity you desire at the local Ulgii open market. A really intersting place to go. Watch your pockets though! You're driver or guide can help here. You'll also want to take along bottles of water for the ride. You can find these in many Ulgii Center shops.
If you are really staying with locals in the park, it's also nice to give a needed household item as a token of your appreciation. Candles, packets of matches, a small a block of green tea, and of course a handful of boiled sweets (hard candy) for the table and kids. It's not manditory of course, but a nice gesture. You can get any of these items at the open market as well and in any quantity you want.
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