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[[Image:DSCF6734.jpg|thumb|Grytviken from the Church Window. Photo by [[User:Ward]].]]
The abandoned whaling station is off limits due to wide spread asbestos hazards, however, a small museum and recently restored church await visitors. Antarctic travelers may be inclined to leave their wellingtons aboard ship, as I did, but be warned: Grytviken's only street is also off limits so it is impossible to get to the church without walking through the museum's glacier melt soaked back yard.
<br> The British Antarctic Survey [[Imagehttp:DSCF6734//www.jpg]]<br><font size=-1 color=gray>Grytviken from the Church Windowantarctica. Photo by [[User:Ward]]ac<br> The [[British Antarctic Survey]uk/Living_and_Working/Stations/King_Edward_Point] maintains a presence on the island in a recently renovated research station on nearby [[King Edward Point]].
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