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Wikitravel:Why Wikitravel isn't GFDL

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Some open content Wiki sites use the '''    ⇒ [[ Gnu Free Documentation License] for their work. For shared:Why Wikitravel, this license doesnisn't meet our GFDL]]'''  {{WikitravelDoc|policies}}  [[de:Wikitravel:goals and non-goals|goalsWarum Wikitravel nicht unter GFDL lizensiert wird]], so we[[fr:Wikitravel:Pourquoi Wikitravel n've chosen a different one instead. est pas GFDL]] The GFDL is specifically oriented towards software manuals and other textbook-sized references. For [[ja:Wikitravel, we really want to have each article redistributable on its own. Specific requirements of the :ウィキトラベルで GFDL -- such as requiring that all copies of the work be distributed with a copy of the GFDL, a changelog, or that "transparent" (i.e. source) versions be available if you distribute over 100 copies -- make that harder. を採用しない理由]] It's easy to imagine some small "publishers" who might want to have simple photocopied printouts of [[nl:Wikitravel articles: Waarom geen GFDL licentie]] *Local tourist offices *Hotels or guesthouses *Helpful travellers *Teachers *Exchange student programs *Wedding or event planners For an article of 1-2 printed pages, it just doesn't make sense to require people to pass out another 10 pages of legalese text, as well as floppy disks or CDs full of [[pl:Wikitravel:Wiki markup|Wiki markupDlaczego Wikitravel nie jest GFDL]]. The license we've chosen, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0, is much easier and more lightweight. We think that using the Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 license meets our goal of having [[sv:Wikitravel:copyleft|copyleftVarför inte GFDL används på Wikitravel]] protection on [[wts:Why Wikitravel content, without putting an excessive burden on small publishers. All that needs to be included are copyright notices and the URL of the license; this can be done in a short paragraph at the end of the article. The big downside of not using the GFDL is that GFDL content -- like Wikipedia articles -- isn'''cannot''' be included in Wikitravel articles. This is a restriction of the t GFDL -- you're not allowed to change the license for the content, unless you're the original copyright holder. This is kind of a pain for contributors, but we figured it was better to make it easy for users and distributors to disseminate Wikitravel articles.]]

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