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About Me
[[Image:Visakhapatnam.jpg|thumb|200px|Beach at Visakhapatnam, India]]
These days I developed a great zeal for traveling (especially [ Adventure Tourism] and [ Heritage Tourism]). I am lucky, I live near [[Delhi]] (one of the [ oldest living cities] in the world) & [[Uttarakhand]] (one of the best regions in the world for [ trekking]). I spend time roaming around the world virtually in Google Earth, (thanks to Google). I read about places and travel experiences. The most exciting thing for me is [ Mt. Everest] and broadly [[Himalayas]]. I am planning '''[[Everest Base Camp Trek]]''' ([[Nepal]]) this summer(Sep/Oct/Nov 2008). Wanna have fun?
Also I am on a mission to cover more than half of the [ World Heritage Sites] in India. 11 of 27 completed :)

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