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Santa Catarina

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'''{{pagebanner|Santa Catarina''' is a state in [[Brazil]]Banner.jpg}}
{{quickbar|image=Ribeirao da ilha.jpg|location=CitiesSanta Catarina in Brazil.svg|flag=Bandeira de Santa Catarina.svg|capital=[[Florianópolis]]|government=Brazilian State|currency=Real (R$) (BRL)|area=95,346.181 km<sup>2</sup>|population=6,634,250 (2013 est.)|language='''Official''':Portuguese<br>'''Regionally Spoken''': Kaingang, Guaraní, Italian, German, Talian|religion=n/a|electricity= In general 127V/60Hz with some cities using 220V/60Hz (North American or European plug)|timezone=UTC -3/-2}}'''Santa Catarina''' is a state in the southern region of [[Brazil]]. It is situated between [[Parana]] and [[Rio Grande do Sul]].{{otheruses}}==Regions==
{{Regionlist| regionmap=Regions of Santa Catarina.png| regionmaptext=Regional map of Santa Catarina| region1name=Greater Florianópolis| region1color=#b5d29f| region1items=| region1description= | region2name=North| region2color=#a3ce55| region2items=| region2description= | region3name=West| region3color=#d09440| region3items=| region3description= | region4name=Serrana| region4color=#d56d76| region4items=| region4description= | region5name=South| region5color=#d5dc76| region5items=| region5description= | region6name=Itajaí Valley| region6color=#b383b3| region6items=| region6description=}} ==Cities== *[[Florianopolis|Florian&oacute;polis]] - the capital* [[Balneário Camboriú]]* [[Barra Velha]]* [[Blumenau]]* [[Garopaba]]* [[Guarda do Embaú]]*[[Joinville]] — the biggest city* [[Penha]]* [[Piçarras]]*[[BlumeneauSão Francisco do Sul]]*[[Orleans Tubarão (Santa Catarina)|OrleansTubarão]]
==Other destinations==
*Ilha de [[Santa Catarina Island]] (commonly called Florianópolis)- Between &mdash; between São Paulo and Porto Alegre, this island is one of the top travel destinations in south Brazil, with its 42 beaches and incredible landscape.
==Drink==  * '''Beer''' - high quality beer from local microbreweries Einsebahn and Bierland, in Blumenau, Schornstein in Pomerode, and Zehn Bier in Brusque * '''Wine''' - investments are being made to produce good wine in São Joaquim * '''Cachaça''' - high quality cachaças can be found in Luis Alves and many other small cities, and Florianópolis also has a few good brands, as Cachaça Intisica
==Get out==
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