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'''Dahshur''' (''Arabic'' دهشور ''Dahšūr'', often incorrectly rendered in English as ''Dashur'') is an [[Egypt|Egyptian]] archaeological locality some 10 km to the south of [[Saqqara]] and therefore 35 km south of the Egyptian capital [[Cairo]]. It is best known as a more tranquil (if also more isolated) location in which to visit several very large pyramids - at least, when compared to [[Giza]] and [[Saqqara]]. Visitor numbers are much smaller, queues are way shorter and there is far less hassle.
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Dahshur formed part of the extensive necropolis of ancient [[Memphis (Egypt)|Memphis]] during the Old Kingdom - the so-called "Pyramid Age". The pharaoh Sneferu (sometimes spelt Snofru), founder of the 4th Dynasty and the father to Khufu - builder of the Great Pyramid at [[Giza]]) - managed to erect ''two'' complete pyramids at the location, in addition to completing another pyramid (for his predeccesor Huni) at [[Cairo|Meidum]]. In sheer volume alone, the father definitely out-did his son!

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