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Buffalo National River

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==Get in==
The official map from the National Park Service may be viewed at
===By plane ===
Nearby airports are located in [[Harrison (Arkansas)]], [[Branson|Branson (Missouri)]], [[Springfield (Missouri)]], [[Fayetteville (Arkansas)]], and [[Little Rock|Little Rock (Arkansas)]].
===By car===
Buffalo National River is a long, narrow park that is crossed by three main highways. Using Harrison as a starting point: To reach the Upper District, visitors travel south from Harrison on Highway 7, or Highway 43; To reach the Middle District, visitors travel 31 miles south of Harrison on Highway 65; To reach the Lower District, visitors take Highway 65 south from Harrison for five miles, then take Highway 62/412 to the east to Yellville, and Highway 14 south.
===By plane===

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