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==Get around==
*Taxis: Taxis - taxis are available near the wharf terminals, and the bus terminal , as well as in the central taxi station at the first intersection of Jalan Repok.
*'''Sebangkoi Country Resort''' - this is a popular place to visit for the local populace. What was once a simple waterfall has now emerged as a multimillon multimillion dollar development with landscaped gardens and accommodation.
*'''Sarikei Wharf Esplanade''' - this is ideal for evening strolls and sunset watching. The sun sets in the west and that's the direction of the Rejang River's flow towards the river mouth at the South China Sea where it deposits its silt.
*'''Sarikei Lake Park'''
*'''Sarikei Merdeka Park''' - this is one of the latest additions to the local government's effort to turn Sarikei into a more aesthetic town. Built in 2004, it consists of a central courtyard framed by two gazebos and Zen balls. The park was built on what used to be the Pasar Tamu of the town.
and Hieh Lik coffeeshop, which houses the Ah Cheng eatery. Taman Selera at Kampung Seberang is one of the hottest spot at night serving different types of food.
A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and a local fastfood fast food franchise called Sugar Bun serves the occasional craving for fast food for the local populace.

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