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*'''Pojoaque Pueblo''' is one of the smaller of the American Indian [[New Mexico Pueblos|pueblos ]] of New Mexico, but does have a casino (see under "Drink") and a moderately interesting tribal museum. The '''Poeh Museum''' [] is on US 285 and appears to be open during daylight hours (probably 9-5), with exhibits by local artisans. The museum's position on historic interactions between Native Americans and European settlers, it is fair to say, is opinionated. Occasional special events.
* Pojoaque is about equidistant from [[Santa Fe (New Mexico) | Santa Fe]] and [[Los Alamos]] with nearby [[Bandelier National Monument]]. Los Alamos and Bandelier are both interesting and worth a day trip; Santa Fe is one of the world's great travel destinations, and a traveler who comes to Pojoaque but doesn't spend time in Santa Fe is missing something.
* Pojoaque is also a reasonable jumping-off point for the American Indian (incidentally, the term is preferred locally to "Native American") [[New Mexico Pueblos|pueblos ]] of the region; check the [[Santa Fe (New Mexico)]] and [[North Central New Mexico]] articles for details.
* The '''High Road to [[Taos]]''' is one of the classic scenic drives in northern New Mexico and takes off from Pojoaque via SR 503 on the north side of town. For route details, see the [[North Central New Mexico]] article.
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