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Rewa (India)

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'''Rewa ''' is conected by rail via '''Satna''', which is 55 kms. away. However the frequency of trains is not much and therefore travelling from Satna toRewa by road is still more popular. There is good number of buses.Rewa is also connected by road with '''Shahdol ''' which further leads to '''Amarkantak''', the place of origin of the rivers '''Narmada ''' and '''Sone''';and further ahead to '''Bilaspur ''' in Chhattisgarh. Aarkantak Amarkantak is a small hill station popular as a place of pilgrimage and tourism. Rewa is also connected both by rail as well as road with '''Allahabad''',the wellknown city of Uttar Pradesh in India but again, due to less frequent trains, people travel mostly by road. There is good frequency of comfortable buses. The air connection is from '''Delhi to Khajuraho ''' which is about 4 to 5 hours by road from Rewa.
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