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__NOTOC__ [[image:MeOnIsar.jpg|250px|left|Thats me!]] {{Babel-3|de|en-3|hi-0}} My name is Philipp Schäufele, I am 30 years young and I work as an electrical engineer, trying to improve Your power supply... I am living in [[:Wikipedia: Haar, Bavaria | Haar]] a village next to the best town in the world to live in - [[Munich]].  I am do no native English speaker, so I would appreciate corrections very much as I can learn from them! Feel free to correct spelling or grammar even on my user page or in my discussions. (I hope I do not exaggerate saying I can contribute with an "advanced" level of English ;-) ).    <br clear="both"> == Where I have been == [[Image:Visitedcountries flip666.gif|thumb|350px|Where I have been so far]] '''If You want to read about my travels have a look here:''' === [[Australia]] ====== [[New York (city)| New York]] === 12/12/2005 - 24/12/2005 === [[Thailand]]/[[Cambodia]]=== === [[Southern Africa]] === [[South Africa]] - [[Namibia]] - [[Botswana]] - [[Zambia]] - [[Zimbabwe]] 13/11/2006 - 12/12/2006 [[Image:ClimbingLimskiKanal flip666.jpg|400px|thumb|At Limski Kanal, [[Croatia]] ]]=== [[Rovinj]] ===([[Croatia]]) === [[Arco]] ===([[Italy]]) <br clear="both"> == Travel Plans ==  === [[Africa]] === ==== [[South Africa]] ====* [[Johannesburg]] - probably best to rent a car here* [[Kruger National Park]] - Bushwalking (link?)* [[Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park]] - canoe on Lake Sibiya ==== [[Swaziland]] ====* [[Hlane Royal National Park]] - Bushwalking ==== [[Mozambique]] ====* [[Bazaruto Archipelago]] - from [[Vilanculos]]; the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", resorts on the islands are expensive, (Vilankulo Campismo) * [[Maputo]] - really worth a visit?* [[Ponta d'Ouro]] - only 10 km from the SA border, but road to Maputo is bad. Maybe it is better to drive from SA to Maputo directly.* Diving! (where?) ==== [[Malawi]] ==== <!-- South -->* [[Liwonde National Park]] - do a canoe safari tour* [[Cape Maclear]]  <!-- Central -->* Diving at Lake Malawi <!-- North -->* [[Nyika National Park]] - bushwalking ==== [[Zambia]] ==== ==== [[Namibia]] ====* [[Khaudom National Park]] - remote park at the beginning of the Caprivi Strip ==== [[Tanzania]] ====* [[Selous Game Reserve]] - the biggest game reserve in Africa! === [[Rock climbing]] ===* [[Kalymnos]] - Greek island* when I am really good: [ support this Wiki.html Cala Golorizè]  === [[South America]] === * [[Brasil]]** [[Manaus]] - in the heart of the jungle ** the falls of the Iguaçu in the [[Iguaçu National Park]] ** the [[Pantanal]] - the biggest swamps on earth * [[Inca Trail]] == Docent == * [[Munich]] - my hometown* [[Ko Lipe]] - a small island in the far southwest of [[Thailand]]    [[de:Benutzer:flip666]]

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