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Talk:Main Page/New new layout

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:On the other hand I feel quite uncomfortable with the way this has happened: no discussion, no consencus, just one user who made the change. I'm still convinced that radically changing an important page like this one needs to be discussed properly beforehand.
:The fact is that if we do want the main page to have a nice table format with colours, we just have to use HTML for now. At present, I see no other way. I don't know much about HTML either. Everything I've learned comes from tables in Wikipedia. That's also where I got the idea for creating [[User:Dhum Dhum/Main page]].
:So, why don't we build a bridge between those so-called HTML-haves and HTML-have nots. I made [[Main page/test]], where we can test things out and try to make a page that both looks good and is not too difficult to edit. That should be possible, no? I started with copying what I have in my user space at this moment. Anyone who's interested? But keep in mind: it should be nice and simple at the same time. [[User:Dhum Dhum|DhDh]] 11:51, 24 Nov 2003 (PST) --- So, I just filed a RFE against MediaWiki in SourceForge asking for a table markup language. Turns out there already is an undocumented one, which will be in the next stable release. Looks like we'll have a Wikimarkup table-based Main Page sooner rather than later... --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 18:57, 28 Nov 2003 (PST)

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