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Ohio Museums

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==[[Northwest Ohio]]==
*'''[[Fremont (Ohio)|Fremont]]:'''
*'''Hayes Presidential Center''', 712 North St. The Nations first Presidential Library.
*'''Thomas A. Edison Museum''' and birthplace.
'''[[Norwalk (Ohio)|Norwalk]]:'''
*'''The Firelands Museum''', 4 Case Ave.
'''[[Sandusky]]:''':*'''Follett House Museum''', 404 Wayne St. ''1+'' 419-635-3834
*'''Maritime Museum of Sandusky''', 125 Meigs Street.
*'''Merry-Go-Round Museum''', 301 Jackson Street
*'''Ohio Veterans Home Museum & Hall of Fame''', at Ohio Veterans Home - US 250
'''[[Tiffin]]:'''*'''Tiffin Glass Museum & Shoppe''', 25-27 S. Washington St.'''[[Toledo]]:''':
* '''Toledo Firefighters Museum'''
* '''Toledo Museum of Art'''
* '''Toledo Art Glass Pavilion'''
* '''Armstrong Air & Space Museum'''

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